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‘Kings of Jo’Burg,’ Season 1 Episode 2: “My Brother’s Keeper” — RECAP

‘Kings of Jo’Burg,’ Season 1 Episode 2: “My Brother’s Keeper” — RECAP

Kings of Jo'Burg

Mo copes with the death of his child at Phumzi’s home. Simon is looking for Sting (Nnekwa Tsajwa), the shooter, before he meets with the brothers, including Cyrus (Sthembiso Khoza) and Lester (Abdul Khoza), about the recent death of Mo’s child. Simon thinks that it could be an inside job. Menzi stirs the pot by stating that Sting, Simon’s right hand, isn’t even at the meeting. Lester jumps in to state that this is the time to offer their condolences to Mo. When Menzi gets in his car, he calls someone to find out if they have found Sting yet. Menzi wants him taken out. 

Kings of Jo'Burg

Tlotlo is confronted by his mother about where Simon is and errands that he is running for him. He disrespects her for questioning him and his job. Phumzi is surprised to find the food that she cooked for Mo in the kitchen. Simon definitely knows that Menzi is up to something as he has one of his men checking for Sting. Mo hops into Jazmine’s car to offer her a cup of coffee since she has been watching his apartment. He requests assistance for finding the shooter, but her hands are tied. He informs Phumzi that he is going to leave, and she holds back on showing her concern for him. 

Kings of Jo'Burg

At club Alpha, the brothers enjoy a drink when a fight between two women break out. They dip to the disappointment of Tlotlo. Mo calls Tlotlo to find out where Simon is but doesn’t care to help. Mo finds his old friend Suga to acquire arms, info, and wheels to get to the club. I’m pretty sure that his wound hasn’t healed yet. Mo finds his brother pulling up to a house when Simon is greeted by a woman and kid who prevent Mo from pulling the trigger. Jazmine speaks to the Captain on utilizing Mo to get to Simon, but the man has his own way of handling things. 

Simon has a whole other family! He has a son, Sam (Siyabonga Mfenyana), and Robin (Terri J. Vaughn) who he spoils with gifts. Robin doesn’t want all the gifts and knows about the other woman. Goodness. He gets a call from Leon (Llewellyn Randal Cordier), the guy watching Menzi’s boys, who are on the move. Sting is struggling to get out town. Flashback to when Mo introduces Simon to Sting when they were just starting out. Simon, in a different gear, leaves his car and is picked up by his driver whom Mo follows. Looks like Simon is about to carry out a hit himself. Sting is waiting out in public eyes when Menzi’s boys, Leon, and possibly Simon all show up at the square. Simon pull up on Sting, gun out, then Mo arrives with a gun on Simon, before Menzi’s boys get to him. Sting lets them know who made the hit. Menzi talks to Jomo (Sipho Ngema), his head man, about possibly taking all three guys out while Simon considers shooting Sting. All of a sudden, Simon’s eyes glow. He walks out to handle Menzi’s men, whose guns are unable to shoot the bulletproof men. Mo doesn’t kill Sting but takes him into Simon’s ride. They have a meeting with the partners the next day. 

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Kings of Jo'Burg

Back at Phumzi’s place, Simon makes the offer to move out or at least pay for rent, but she doesn’t take either and offers for him to join her for dinner. Angela is up waiting for Simon when he arrives home. She questions him but he points out that she doesn’t want a marriage, she wants a lifestyle, then he calls her out for feeding Menzi information about him. She sputters something about business partners, but he just leaves her alone, stating that his sister will handle the memorial service. 

Simon goes into a shed to speak to the Marsai Mermaid (Connie Ferguson) to assist him. She requests a sacrifice. Does Mo know about the mermaid?! The next morning, Mo sweetly offers Phumzi breakfast at a table with roses. At the club, Simon informs Tlotlo that he is ending poker games and will cancel the one for that night except for two people. Menzi and Ayanda talk about the matter of Mo when they each receive two different texts about the game. Mo arrives at the club to find Simon, Cyrus, and a gentleman talking. Shortly after, Menzi arrives stirring trouble with Leon about bodyguards and getting checked for the game, but he listens and watches from afar when the brothers inform Cyrus and Ayanda that Sting was involved in the hit, as well as that Mo killed him. 

During the poker game, Menzi stirs the pot with Tlotlo, which Simon goes to handle. Menzi is under the impression that Simon is trying to cut him out of the business. Man has the audacity to talk about loyalty. Simon tells him to meet him upstairs; Mo follows. Out on the roof, Menzi asks about loyalty once again, bringing up that he, Simon, Ayanda, and Mo were the original kings and now he’s being replaced. Mo arrives then is joined by Sting and Leon behind him. Menzi owns up to his hit, then attempts, very badly, to speak to Mo about amending for his wrongdoing. Mo shoots him on the spot. When they arrive at the poker game, Cyrus and Ayanda, notice the blood on Mo’s hand but say nothing. 

This is moving quickly, which I don’t mind. No need to dwell on one situation for several episodes. I just wonder how did I miss the mermaid in the first episode. I was pleasantly surprised by Terri Vaughn making an appearance. Looks like the brothers are back! Can’t wait to see what else they get into. 

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