Diamond Storm Entertainment has launched a Crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo (http://tinyurl.com/jh57fkw) for their upcoming game Kree: Princess Assassin: an action/adventure game where you play as Lalandra, Princess of a nation in Africa who, with her brother Johnathan set off on an adventure across the world to find the people who kidnapped her Father.

New Kree: Princess Assassin IndieGogo Trailer

The Crowdfunding campaign is set to last until August 22 and is seeking $25,000.

Lalandra didn’t have a normal childhood. She was trained as a lethal assassin since the age of 9. This all came to an end when she and her adoptive brother Johnathan was shipped off to Africa to meet her father. Only to find out he is a King. Their lives keep evolving and changing as the King is kidnapped and Lalandra and her brother are the only ones who can find him. You’ll visit many locations from China to Japan, from New York to … Florida Comic-con? This will be an adventure beyond any before it.

“We are very excited and grateful for this chance”, said Kamia Mwango, Co-Founder at Diamond Storm Entertainment. “We know were fighting an uphill battle as minority voices are rarely heard in this industry. We also know that most black women in video games are seen as either “ghetto” or angry. But with Lalandra, we hope to chance the perception on how people see black women.”

“We want to succeed and be victorious!” said Lydell Washington Co-Founder at Diamond Storm Entertainment. “Not just for us, that’s a given, but for those who, like us, suffer from Depression and Anxiety. For those who were told you’ll never be anything in life because of race, gender or lifestyle.”

Emilia is an All-Female Production Directed by and Starring Women of Color

About our Characters:

Lalandra Kree
is a 16-year-old girl African American Otaku (geek) turned assassin, turned princess turned princess assassin.

Jonathan Kree is a 15-year-old, Black/Asian and the adopted brother of Lalandra, Tech genius & internet guru. He provides support while Lalandra is in the field through her ARM (Advanced Recon Mobile) Unit. He is also a member of ……Well, we’ll talk about that some other time.

Our characters represent things that seem out of the norm for some people. Lalandra is an Otaku (Geek, but prefers Japanese culture) and Jonathan is gay and Blasian (black/asian), however, it’s what he does in his freetime that will show his diversity. Being black, female, and geek is part of a category that isn’t represented in gaming nor is being Black and Asian.  We wanted to make sure they are represented as authentic as possible without falling into stereotypical roles.

About Diamond Storm Entertainment

Diamond Storm Entertainment was founded by Kamia Mwango and Lydell Washington a Husband and wife who spends a lot of their time gaming. In 2014, during the height of the #GamerGate Saga, they heard the cry for Diversity in Gaming. They decided to start their own video game company to create their own games with diverse Characters.

If this is a project you can see yourself backing, be sure to donate at IndieGogo!