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How This Boss Is Networking Her Way To The Top

How This Boss Is Networking Her Way To The Top

Jefferies is what she deems a #soulpreneur, an entrepreneur who fuses everything she does with a bit of soul. Her signature colors are bright pink, orange and turquoise or anything BOLD, and she says nothing brings her as much joy in life as helping other entrepreneurs find their social media voice. To help her network with others who share her energy, Tash has recently joined Shapr – the free app for professional networking.


For those of you who have yet to discover Shapr, it’s a completely free app for networking and meeting others in your field who share your interests, your professional goals, or your career path. There is a huge #BlackGirlNerds community already on the app – you can actually just download Shapr and add #BlackGirlNerds to your interests to see who else from our community has joined. Whether you’re looking to meet people in #socialmedia or #startups like Tash, or looking for friends in your area to nerd out over #comicbooks or #nerdculture, there are people on this app for you, as long as you keep the conversation professional and friendly (it’s definitely not a dating app).


Tash says that in two weeks on Shapr, she set up conversations with three potential clients for her digital and social media consulting business. Tash’s packages range from basic consulting to full 30-day social media calendars for content across your channels. Through Shapr, she has been able to connect with people from several industries are actually up for a cup of coffee or a quick Skype to talk through upcoming project needs or just bounce around ideas.


So how does the app actually work?


Step 1. You download the app for iOS or Android and plug in basic data, including your ten #interests to help you match. (Don’t forget to add #BlackGirlNerds)


Step 2. The app curates a daily batch of 15-20 nearby professionals who share your interests. You swipe your batch anonymously and get a notification when the interest to connect is mutual.


Step 3. Once you match, you are able to message your match and set up a time to meet IRL.


It’s that easy. So what are you waiting for? Meet Tash and 600,000 other people (including several from our community) who are already using Shapr to build their professional networks. Get the app here.


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  • Gotta say — the expression “lady boss” is somewhat troublesome to me. I’m a fan of BGN but calling someone a “lady boss” feels old fashioned and somewhat diminishing, like an expression they’d use on Mad Men or Charlie’s Angels.

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