Announcing The Last Dragon 30th Anniversary Race for the Glow where cities across the USA will compete to host a 30th Anniversary Screening of The Last Dragon with the star of the Film.

This decade many 80’s fan favorite films will celebrate their 30th Anniversaries. Classics like Back to the Future, Karate Kid and Ghostbusters just to name a few. Another movie turning 30, which may not get the same kind of publicity as the aforementioned greats but is a classic just the same is Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon. This 80’s Martial Arts meets Motown Cult Classic was released in theaters March 1985 to somewhat mixed reviews from critics but any 80’s baby will tell you this movie is undeniably a cult classic known for its 80’s charm, highly quotable scenes, Motown inspired soundtrack, martial arts action and witty comedy.




To usher in the 30th Anniversary of The Last Dragon this past November the Urban Action Showcase and Expo hosted The Last Dragon 30th Anniversary Experience in NYC, it included a screening of the film and a Q&A with the reunited cast. The event was a huge success. Since there was only a limited number of seats in the theater not all fans could attend; therefore, The Last Dragon 30th Anniversary Team is now reaching out to the fans of the film for the opportunity to bring the celebration to their city.

Organizers are tapping into the power of crowdfunding to let fans decide which city should host the next 30th Anniversary Celebration. The city that rallies their fans to reach a certain dollar amount or number of tickets sold first will host the first 30th Anniversary Celebration set to be held March 21, 2015 the same day it all started 30 years ago.

It is being called “The Race for The Glow” in a reference to the hero’s (Bruce Leroy) quest to attain the glow in the film. “The Glow” is said to be the final level of martial arts enlightenment where the spirit takes over for the mind and guides the body without thought.

The Event will include:

 Screening of The Last Dragon at a Movie Theater in the winning city with the star of

the film Taimak (Bruce Leroy)

 Q&A with Taimak following the film

 Photo with Taimak on the day of the event

 Personalized Autographed Poster by Taimak

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The Last Dragon 30th Anniversary Celebration Team welcomes Sponsors, Organizations

and Individuals to become Ambassadors to help bring the celebration to their city.

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