The Legend of Korra Season 4, Episode 4: “The Calling” aired on October 24th. There is still time to watch the episode, but just in case you would like a heads up on everything that happened before actually setting eyes on it, check out my run down of it all.

Here’s what happened on The Legend of Korra, Book 4: Balance, Chapter 4, “The Calling”-

Picking up where we left off, Tenzin tasks the children, Ikki, Meelo, and Jinora, with finding Korra in the wake of Kuvira’s new reign over the “Earth Empire.” Pema worries that the kids are too young to be given such responsibility, but Tenzin says that they’ll be OK. Ikki reminds her mother that they’re about the same age Aang and the original Team Avatar were when they traveled the world, but Pema still fears for the children. Jinora tells her father that she will locate Korra by honing in to Korra’s spiritual energy. Tenzin puts Jinora in charge, but Meelo decides that he will be the one to find Korra single-handedly and the three kids set off on their air bison, Pepper.

After flying for about an hour, the three kids stop at an unspecified location in the Earth Empire. Jinora tries to meditate in order to get a read on Korra. However, both Ikki and Meelo pester Jinora on Korra’s whereabouts. Frustrated, Jinora tells the two to go away, and as such, Meelo decides to head into town with a drawing of Korra he made. Ikki follows him.

They head into a village, where there are Kuvira posters on almost every building. Meelo and Ikki approach an elderly woman with Korra’s photo, who says she has not seen Korra, but thinks Meelo is the cutest little boy ever. The kids board Pepper and fly to another Earth nation village, where the inhabitants also haven’t seen Korra. After about a day or so, the kids head to another town, where Meelo encounters a young girl name Tuyin. Tuyin hasn’t seen Korra, but she thinks Meelo is adorable, and in turn, Meelo calls her beautiful. Having witnessed the interaction from a nearby roof, Ikki swoops down on her brother and makes fun of his new “girlfriend.” Meelo grows upset, saying that Ikki scared off the “love of his life.”

The children continue on to the seaside town where Korra made her pit-stop on the way to Republic City. Meelo sees the picture of Korra the shopkeeper took and calls his sisters over. They question the man on Korra’s whereabouts and he tells them the last time he saw Korra was over 6 months ago. Meelo is pretty happy that he’s at least got a lead on Korra, and says that Ikki and Jinora are dragging him down.

Back at The Swamp, Korra is growing bored and asks Toph to recount some stories of her adventures during her younger years. Toph, however, gives one-sentence answers, much to Korra’s dismay. With nothing to do, Korra grows anxious and so Toph sends her out into The Swamp to find mushrooms to cook for dinner.

Ikki searches for food at their camp, as Meelo plays with his flying lemur and Jinora meditates for a reading. Meelo tells Ikki that he’s thrown the food their mother gave them into river, because they need to live off the land. Jinora tells Ikki to quit making noise as she’s trying to meditate, and Ikki grows annoyed with her siblings. As Meelo sets off to hunt for food (despite the kids being vegetarians), Ikki storms off into woods. Air bending her frustrations, Ikki stumbles on a woodland animal that she accidentally frightens. Trying her best to make amends with the animal, she happens to cross a clearing where dozens of trees have been cut. While there, Ikki encounters two guards to capture her via earth bending, and take her back to their station.

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At the station, the two Earth Empire guards ask Ikki if she’s a spy. At the first instance, Ikki tells the guards that she’s been traveling the world with her brother and sister on their first missions tasked to them by their father, Tenzin. She goes on to say that they’ve been looking for the Avatar, and that if they don’t find her, her father will be disappointed. As Ikki starts to cry, the two guards go off to a corner to have their own conversation in which one guard tells the other that by handing over Ikki, Meelo, and Jinora to Kuvira, they just might get a promotion and can leave the station. With a plan on their hands, the two guards approach Ikki and bribe her to give up the camp site where Meelo and Jinora are so they can all sit and eat some treats they found in a bag of food they found. Ikki tells the food actually belongs to her and her siblings, but she’d rather stay at the station with the guys then reunite with sister and brother.

As Korra takes the path Toph gave to her, she encounters images of herself during her battle with Amon (where he took her bending away), her battle with Unalok (where he separated her body from the spirit Raava), and her battle with Zaheer (where he forced her body into the Avatar state). In each case, Korra sees herself at her most vulnerable: when Amon took away her bending, when Unalok separated the spirit. After reliving each moment, Korra finds herself back in The Swamp, confused and saddened.

Jinora’s at the campsite meditating when Meelo approaches her. He’s sick from having eaten too many wild berries and finds himself throwing up at every turn. Jinora asks Meelo if he’s seen Ikki, and he says no, continuing on to say that he now has to go in search of his older sister and Korra. Back at the station, Ikki and the guards bond over feeling left out. The guards tell Ikki that they were left behind when Kuvira took the troops to march on Zaofu, and Ikki tells the guards that her brother and sister haven’t allowed her to pull her weight in finding Korra. The guards decide to help Ikki, by giving her a map of the Earth Empire for Ikki to retrace her steps. The guards let her know that Kuvira has a team in every city, making Korra’s hiding nearly impossible. Ikki points out a spot on the map, which turns out to be The Swamp, and the guards tell Ikki that no one ever goes there. Just when the guards make way to release Ikki from her ropes, Meeloa and Jinora bust in, knocking out the guards. Ikki tells them that not only did she have the situation under control, but she also knows where Korra may be hiding.

Toph finds Korra, who tells her of the visions she’s seen. Toph tells Korra she expected as much as both she and The Swamp want Korra to get better. Toph then helps Korra go through her visions and make sense of them. She tells Korra that all of her past foes wanted something of the same; Amon wanted equality, Unalok wanted spiritual harmony, and The Red Lotus wanted freedom. However, all three were extremist in their ideals and essentially unbalanced. Korra is still unable to make sense of it all, and so Toph tells her to get over her fears. When Korra wants to know how to do just take her to the Banyan Grove Tree in the middle of The Swamp.

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Following Ikki’s hunch, the kids fly over The Swamp. Ikki says she thinks Korra may be hiding out there as there are now Earth Empire troops and the The Swamp is loaded with spiritual activity which can aid in her healing process. Jinora is able to sense an enormous about of spiritual energy, but she can not feel out Korra. Meela says the trip is a waste of time, and Jinora agrees, telling Ikki that she’s thinking of changing course. Ikki tells them to at least try, but when Jinora tries to turn their sky bison Pepper around, vines from The Swamp pull Pepper and the chidren in.

Back at the Banyan Tree, Toph tells Korra that she’s been disconnected from the world and the people he loves for too long. In touching the tree, Korra is able to see almost everything in The Swamp, including Ikki, Meelo, and Jinora. Korra tells Toph that she sees Tenzin’s kids in The Swamp, and in turn, Jinora, senses Korra and tells her siblings she knows where Korra is. The kids hop aboard Pepper and zoom through The Swamp to reunite with Korra, who is crying at seeing her friends for the first time in years. The four reunite and Korra introduces the kids to Toph. Ikki tells Korra that she’s desperately needed as Kuvira is trying to take over the Earth Empire and Korra needs to stop her. Korra admits to the children that she’s no longer the Avatar she once was, and can’t even go into the Avatar State, butIkki tells Korra that the world needs her.

Korra, the kids, and Toph head back to Toph’s cave. Korra prepares herself for Toph to bend the remaining bits of poisonous metal, but Toph says she’s not going to go it — Korra must do it on her own. Toph guides Korra as she begins to bend the poison, but once again, visions of nearly dying pop into Korra’s head and halts her. Toph tells Korra that the fight with Zaheer is over, and she needs to let it go. Korra tries to bend the mentallic poison out of her body once more and this time, she’s able to get it out. Toph encapsulates it in a small boulder and tells Korra well done. Korra is able to tap into the Avatar State again and the children rejoice. Korra asks Toph for a hug, and Toph relents, telling Korra she’s earned it.

Korra and the kids hops aboard Pepper and fly out of The Swamp yelling goodbye to Toph, and Toph is happy to go back to her solitude.

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