We have an exclusive look at the first episode of today TV Director Eric Dean Seaton new web miniseries “Legend of the Mantamaji: Behind the Scenes.” The 12 episode series follows Eric and his production team over three days as he takes his graphic novel series “Legend of the Mantamaji” to the next level with a Live Action Short.

“I wanted a fun and different way for people to see what the Mantamaji can do and what the story is about,” Seaton said. “The behind the scenes offers more information on the series, the passion behind the idea and what it takes to bring a graphic novel to life.”

You may remember Seaton from our podcast interview with him when the series first launched. Since then, the series continues to make waves and gain critical accolades. Listed as a ‘Top Graphic Novel’ by Examiner.com and Atlanta Black Star, the series has also been nominated for a 2015 Glyph Comics Award in the Rising Star category.

“The reviews and response have been so great, it just felt like a natural way to promote the books and help spread the word,” Seaton said. “I noticed at conventions that people really respond to visuals and it [the short] allows us the opportunity to show people things like the Mantamaji’s powers and what he can and can’t do instantly.”

The first episode is 4 mins long, subsequent episodes are 2 mins long and will be published weekly leading up to the release of the full 8 minute “Legend of the Mantamaji Live Action” short in mid-June.

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