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9 Important Notes about ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 3×10 “Daddy Darhkest”

9 Important Notes about ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 3×10 “Daddy Darhkest”

This episode of Legends of Tomorrow returned from the winter break with a treat of a guest star, Constantine (Matt Ryan) from the Hellblazer comic series. His appearance was an important turn of events for the Legends as the show continued an arc that began in episode 3×5 when Darhk and his daughter Eleanor in 1879 London. Darhk wasn’t alone. He comes aided by a malevolent power we find is a demon named Mallus. In this episode, however, the Legends must go back in time to try and stop the demon before it becomes the powerful being Darhk wields. They end up in a present-day mental health facility where Mallus is threatening to possess a girl (who they later identify as Nora Darhk). The ultimate goal of this mission is to stop Damien Darhk from getting control of this power.

There are a lot of moving parts to this episode. Aside from the main mission, we see Kuasa and Maya going head to head, while Sara has a rendezvous and crush. Then, there’s the whole “Who is Constantine?” question that many of the viewers outside the DCU may have. Here are 9 things to consider after watching the episode (and before you watch again).

    1. Constantine is not a new character. He is a British antihero who fits in nicely with the Justice League Dark when they happen to assemble. Constantine deals in magic and primarily fights demons and folks who have usurped magical powers to do harm to the world. He also collects magical items wherever he goes, so Maya better watch her totem. Dr. Fate’s helmet is already a part of the mage’s collection. Constantine is not a new character. He comes from the Hellblazer comic series, which ran independently on the Image line for 27 years before joining the DCU as a 52 comic Constantine: The Hellblazer in 2015. This character is snarky, crude, and often gets tunnel vision during a mission, which puts others working with him in danger. He also had his own NBC series for a season and appeared in an episode of Arrow.
    2. We may never know who seduced who in the Constantine/Sara “situation-ship”. Constantine is known for bedding women in just about every mission he goes on in Hellblazer. We all know that our Sara does the same. The two zeroed in on one another quickly and connected while in the asylum, using Leo (Snart from Planet X) as bait for the crazy nurse. He gets inches away from a lobotomy by way of his eyeball before the two rescue him. Afterward, there was a debate between them over who seduced who. I still can’t tell you who the seducer was, and I think this says a lot about their dynamic.
    3. This is not his first round with a demon-possessed kid. Several times in the Hellblazer series, Constantine is pitted against a demon who hides in the body of a child. He’s even handled demons who took the form of his own children when the daughter, Rosacarnis, of the demon Nergal in issue #200. They were sent to kill him, and the visit didn’t go well. Nevertheless, there were other possessed kids that jaded the mage, making his treatment of Nora’s Mallus-possession the norm.   
    4. Constantine’s final words to Ray may mean a return episode. Sara takes in Mallus in order to get the Wave Rider members who are stranded in the asylum a way home. Despite their efforts, and what Constantine tells Sara upon return to the ship, a piece of the demon is still in the team leader. I see a return of Constantine when Sara goes nuclear as the demon takes over and threatens the ship.
    5. Mallus may just be a new being in the Arrowverse. The internet is trying very hard to connect Mallus, but the demon may be something we’ve never seen before. Some believe it may be a case of a time poisoned mutant who comes back to kill everyone (similar to last season of The Flash). Others suggest it is something from Constantine’s world. It isn’t. Constantine’s nemesis is Nergal and although the demon is despicable, he is not possessing little girls and calling himself Mallus. I also scoured the DCU and came up empty-handed on the demon Mallus. We will have to wait to see how he ties to the Darhks and why he is after the Legends.
    6. Mallus has some weaknesses that the team should be taking note of. Mallus has a weakness. He can be pushed back so that the person he possesses has control of the body. We see how he lets Nora leave the hospital and get her first taste of life in a long time. However, he is triggered somehow by their conversation and almost levels the place. The Legends end up losing Nora to her father, but they still have the possessed Sara on the ship. If they can figure out how to control the demon within like Constantine does many times in the Hellblazer series, then they can defeat Damien Darhk.
    7. Kuasa returns and has a moment with Grandma Amaya. Kuasa’s mission is to make sure that Legends and Constantine do not take Nora. She needs the demon to finish what it started with Nora. Kuasa seems to be a pawn for Darhk. Why? We don’t know. She is definitely in cahoots with an older Nora or Eleanor.
    8. There is something more going on with Amaya. She risked her own safety trying to talk with Kuasa while the granddaughter/villain was locked in the Wave Rider jail. She spoke about her vision and the ancestors telling her to protect the other totem holder. However, she also forgets how dangerous Kuasa is and enters her cell. Of course, Nate comes along like a hero nobody asked for and misses a shot at Kuasa that sets her free and almost gets him killed. Amaya is connected to this woman, so its natural that she tries to speak with her. However, putting herself in danger is something that Amaya needs to rethink. I hope she does before Kuasa pins her down again.
    9. Snart goes home for love. He was a great piece of comic relief for the team. I especially loved Leo/Snart’s attempt to give therapy to the team members, only to find out that these are not the people who work well with a therapist. In this episode, he gets captured by demented asylum staff who attempt to lobotomize him through an eyeball—a treatment for gayness, apparently. The ordeal made Leo/Snart miss his love on Earth X, and so he leaves to for a home.

Legends of Tomorrow is off to a great start toward their season’s end. I just wish we had more of a backstory on Mallus as well as the promise of more Constantine. I am sure that we will find out more about this Mallus thing real soon.

Jonita Davis loves, reads, studies, and writes about comics, books, TV, culture, and more. You can usually find her in a corner somewhere, dragging a pen across paper in an effort to make sense of the world. 

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