McKenzie Chinn, a 2015/16 Leonore Annenberg Artist Fellow, launched a Hatchfund crowdfunding campaign today with the goal of raising $10,000 to complete funding for the independent feature film Olympia, in association with 30 Pictures production company, and executive producer Matt Miller.


While the majority of the budget for Olympia will come from Chinn’s fellowship award, additional monies raised through Hatchfund will cover a specific set of production and post-production costs, including specialized equipment rentals, production design and more. Contributions made on Hatchfund are tax deductible.


Penned by Chinn, and to be directed by Gregory Dixon, Olympia takes a personal look at how Chinn’s own generation is redefining adulthood in the modern world. She was inspired to write the film after turning 30 at the end of the long economic recession.




“The recession came along right when people in my age bracket were just starting to gear up,” says Chinn. “We were finishing college and grad school – and had the debt to prove it – exactly when there were no jobs available. While the recession set us back, it also forced us to evolve – to fundamentally change the way we live and experience the world, including how we move into adulthood.”


The film will feature a diverse cast, led primarily by people of color. “It’s important that characters of color be at the center of the story and not in the margins, because their stories matter,” says Chinn. “Olympia’s characters exist outside of stereotype. We get to see them love, struggle, hope, fail, and succeed, the same way that we’re used to seeing white characters in films live fully. Current mainstream film and television prove that audiences connect strongly to these stories, and we’re excited to be a part of that shift in storytelling.”


Once complete, Olympia will be submitted to film festivals around the world. 30 Pictures will also seek options for distribution.


Chinn has worked as an actor in Chicago since 2011 and recently appeared in Daniel Nearing’s feature Hogtown which screened as part of Chicago’s Black Harvest Film Festival at the Gene Siskel Film Center. She has performed on stage at The Goodman, Steppenwolf, and Victory Gardens Theatres. To make Olympia, she has teamed with Director Gregory Dixon whose work has screened at festivals across the globe, and Producer Lucy Manda, of Escape Films. Matt Miller, whose new TV series Teachers premiers on TV Land later this year, joins the team as an Executive Producer.


Olympia is slated for production in Chicago in September and October of 2015. For more information on the film, visit or follow on Facebook.



About Olympia

Olympia is an independent feature film that explores what it means to become an adult in the modern world, through the story of character Olympia Welles. Penned by McKenzie Chinn, and to be directed by Gregory Dixon, the film will feature a diverse cast led primarily by people of color and will illustrate the ways young adults have evolved to accommodate life after an economic recession. Olympia is slated for production in Chicago this fall in association with 30 Pictures.


About Hatchfund

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