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‘Loki’ Season 1 Episode 5: “Journey into Mystery” — RECAP

‘Loki’ Season 1 Episode 5: “Journey into Mystery” — RECAP

Loki finds out that he is now in the void, and there’s a being of dark cloud named Aloith that feeds on them so he and the rest of the Lokis need to leave now.

Sylvie demands Ravonna give her her tempad and answer her questions. Ravonna claims not to know a thing about the Timekeepers but claims that Loki isn’t really dead… not yet. Ravonna states that she now wants to know who is controlling the TVA and informs Sylvie about what happens when someone is pruned: they are transferred to the Void “where every instance of existence collides at the same point and simply stops.” There’s also the saying that the Timekeepers are still creating the end of time and making it into a utopia. Ravonna can help Sylvie figure things out, but only if Sylvie trusts her. 

Loki and the Loki variants are on the move. He asks questions but he isn’t satisfied with the “don’t die” plan. Loki yells out of frustration about all that he has experienced since New York. He is informed by Kid Loki (Jack Veal), Classic Loki (Richard E. Grant), and Boastful Loki (Deobia Oparei), that Aloith ensures that nothing returns to the TVA, they’ve all tried to make plans but never succeeded, and the alligator is a Loki, too. Also, Kid Loki is the king of the place; his nexus event was killing Thor. The bunch goes underground (Did no one notice mini Thor in a jar??). Classic Loki asks Loki why he wants to go back to the TVA so badly.

Ravonna asks Ms. Minutes to get her restricted files at the beginning of time, but Sylvie thinks the end of time would be the perfect place to hide and be undetectable. They have to go through the void, but Ravonna thinks that is impossible. Just when Sylvie threatens Ravonna’s life, Ms. Minutes brings up a spaceship that is supposed to get through the void. However, Sylvie doesn’t believe her and is right when a group of minutemen storms the room. Instead of fighting Ravonna and the minutemen, Sylvie prunes herself, shocking everyone. Ravonna acts as if this is just fine.

Boastful Loki tells a story about how he got the infinity stones but is called out by alligator Loki for lying. Kid Loki asks Classic Loki to tell his story but he’s not interested. Loki wants to know their legacies considering they were supposed to die at the hands of Thanos. Classic Loki states that his life went according to plan up until Thanos attacked their ship. Instead of using blades, he projected a version of himself, hid in the debris that drifted in space, where he thought about how his life and presence affected those around him. He stayed alone on a planet for the rest of his life. He was found by the TVA the moment he tried to leave the planet to see his brother. Loki decides that he’s going back to the TVA. Kid Loki thinks that Loki is different but Loki informs them of Sylvie, states he is going to kill Alioth, and needs their help. Loki is laughed out of the hideout but is found by multiple variants of himself, led by President Loki, waiting right outside.

Sylvie wakes up in the void and barely escapes Alioth with the help of Mobius in a car. 

President Loki and his army of Lokis were led to the hideout by Boastful Loki, who wants to be king. But of course, they all double-cross each other and a fight breakouts. Loki watches, embarrassed, until Classic Loki creates a diversion and an escape for him, Loki, Kid Loki, and Alligator Loki. They rant about how the Lokis never change and are always after power, deceiving those who trust them, and even if they try to change, they are sent to the void. Loki points out that that is the reason he needs to go back to TVA, to stop the TVA and help Sylvie. The two agree to help him get to Alioth.

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Mobius and Sylvie discuss how to stop the TVA, which means going back to Alioth. The Lokis are unsure of Loki’s plan but he changes his mind when he sees Aloith in action. He needs to think it out more. Kid Loki hears a car, and they’re all surprised when Loki runs towards Sylvie. Loki introduces Mobius and Sylvie to his new Loki friends and tells her his plans. Sylvie is not impressed. She informs Loki of her plan of going beyond the void to find the person behind the TVA, and she’s going to enchant Alioth. 

At the TVA, Ravonna meets with HB-15, who is upset that Ravonna has held her captive despite knowing that the Timekeepers aren’t real. Ravonna thinks things should continue on as normal and wants to know from HB-15 what drives Sylvie. HB-15 informs her that revenge drives Sylvie then realizes that Ravonna wants to find who is behind the TVA but believes that Sylvie will do it before Ravonna does. Ravonna leaves and calls on Ms. Minutes to get her the information of the creation of the TVA, stating the creators are in trouble.

Mobius has a moment with the Loki variants about what he will do when he returns to the TVA. Outside, Sylvie and Loki have a moment to discuss Mobius’s theory on their nexus event and relying on friends. Loki conjures a blanket to wrap around himself and Sylvie. She asks how she can trust him until the end. Loki points out that he’s not that person anymore but she points out that if their plan works, he will have a timeline to rule. She’s unsure what she will do, and Loki suggests that they figure it out together. 

The Lokis and Mobius watch Aloith as Sylvie tells them her plan to enchant Alioth. She hands a tempad to Loki but he states he’s staying then hands it to Mobius. Classic Loki, Alligator Loki, and Kid Loki inform them all that they are staying in the Void; it’s their home. Kid Loki gives Loki a sword, and they wish him luck. Mobius uses the tempad to open a portal and informs Loki that he’s going to burn the TVA down. He thanks Loki for the spark. The two hug, and Loki thanks him and calls him his friend. So freaking cute!

Loki and Sylvie walk towards Aloith as he focuses on a branch that is to appear. Loki asks what if they don’t have time for a branch then causes a distraction for Aloith to focus on. The two get assistance from Classic Loki, who manifests Asgard from the ground up, catching Aloith’s attention. Sylvie is surprised at what Classic Loki can do, and it inspires her to have Loki help her enchant Alioth. At first, he’s hesitant, but she points out that they are the same. The two get ahold of Alioth as Classic Loki’s Asgard comes down and Alioth makes him disappear. Just when Alioth comes for Loki and Syvlie, their enchantment works. The two see a clearing in the smoke and walk towards the castle in the clearing.

Amazingly fun episode. I honestly can’t wait to find out who is behind the TVA. Ravonna seems to know more than what she lets on, but the fact that she wants to continue the running of the TVA is disturbing. Loki has really gone through quite the character development during this show, and it is apparent when he considers Mobius his friend. It will be interesting to see how Mobius burns down the TVA from the inside in. I enjoyed seeing the little gems like Thor in a jar and Loki who manifests amazing power. He’s more than just a blade. Did ya’ll see a Thor copter?

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