Well, that was oddly intense! After a week’s hiatus London Spy came back with a zing I was definitely not ready for.

As to be expected in a case like Alex’s, the cops suspect Danny to be the culprit and with the gentle subtlety police are known for, breakdown his door and arrest him in the middle of the night. During questioning all of Danny’s demons are thrown into his face including a recording of the night he shared his darkest secret with Alex. Gobsmacked, the wheels start turning in his head, and an image of the ominous apartment across of his flashes into his mind and he knows someone’s setting him up. And as per usual in these moments of overwhelm, Danny turns to an older friend for help, one being Scottie and the other Rich (Mark Gatiss) a wealthy producer he shares a sordid past with, among other disturbing hobbies. He seeks out Rich because he believes he has some information to mine and appears to be up for anything to get it. This leads to an emotional scene between Danny and his roommate before Danny gets tested at the clinic.

This is where things start to get hairy. The Doctor comes back with “reactive” results meaning there is a possibility that he could in fact be infected. Naturally, Danny flips his sh*t and goes to Scottie for support. Coming out of his panic Danny suspects the “Powers That Be” are behind his infection. Scottie agrees, clearly saddened by the predicament Danny finds himself in, heightened by Scottie’s contemplative stare into the pouring rain. Scottie then shares a sobering tale about an artist lover he had who was infected with HIV and how he believed the color blue to be a curative against the disease, though in the end it would only be a beautiful idea. There’s lots imagery connecting the story and the reality in which the friends find themselves, pushed further by a swim at the local pool.

Invigorated by the dip, Danny stays the course and decides to tell Scottie about the coded cylinder he found in Alex’s computer. Scottie, now no longer resisting Danny’s independent investigation, takes him to meet Claire a high ranking intellectual who has access to a professor that Alex was very close with, platonically and then to an especially archaic and aristocratic gentlemen’s only establishment to talk to James (James Fox) another MI6-er about Alex’s death. James is very clearly and dearly connected with the shadowy side of government affairs and very flatly tells Scottie that Alex’s death was agreed upon and planned by the Americans, Saudis, Brits, Chinese, and Israelis.


Immediately after receiving this Intel, Scottie is very politely kicked out of establishment with his membership revoked. Poor, shady Scottie.

At the end of all this, Danny is picked up by Rich, who gives Danny a package and abruptly drops him off down an alley little more than a ‘Bye.’ Danny runs inside a nearby convenience store and rips open the package in the back, away from the cameras. To his surprise he’s met with a phone that rings right on time to end the episode. So, if you’re asking ‘what the hell is going on?’ I’d have to admit I have no earthly clue, and I love that.

The End? Power Creator, Stars Talk Final Season, Sequels, Reveals

With only two more episodes to wrap up this blood racing, mind altering story, I look forward to staying eyes wide and mouth agape until the very end.

IMG_0766Joyy Norris is a snobby cinephile, with a love of the written word and penchant for exploring its hidden treasures.  She is a Writer, Program Assistant at Black Cinema House with the Rebuild Foundation, on-call Props Master and budding filmmaker in the Chicago area. Her current pursuit of an MFA in Documentary Filmmaking is the jumping off point in a life-long dream of creating films that re-engage audiences in the overlooked landscapes around us. You can find Joyy’s writing on bentlily.com, glossmagazineonline.com, a few self-rendered blogs in the process of updating (more on that soon) and on blurb.com home of Ode Vol. I, her first work of self-published poetry.