So about one month ago while cruising my Twitter feed, I came across a very intriguing tweet by your founder (the very intelligent and witty, Ms. Jamie Broadnax) which stated that the ladies of BlackGirlNerds were eagerly looking for contributors that could share a bit of fitness and health living info on the site. And immediately thought, I’m absolutely loving this! because while I have been a long time follower of BlackGirlNerds, unfortunately I’ve never seen much health and fitness content on the site—which I think is a shame because I truly believe health and fitness ties in perfectly with the mission of encouraging and promoting overall awesomeness among Black women and women of color.

So then I thought, “Hey, I’m a Black girl (a grown one that is!) and I’m also a doc and Sports Medicine Specialist (hence I’m most definitely a nerd!), and so why not lend a bit of my expertise to the ladies of BlackGirlNerds who want to learn more about how they too can lead more healthy lifestyles?”

Overall, the idea sounded pretty great to me. So I tweeted back to Jamie that I was interested in sharing tips on the site, and after receiving a very fast and enthusiastic tweet from her, I’m now popping onto the home of BlackGirlNerds today to drop a bit of knowledge!

And now for the formal intro—my name is Dr. Phoenyx Austin and I’m very excited and honored today to share a bit of Fit 411 for all the ladies who are looking to up their healthy living game and get those bodies right and tight! And more specifically, today’s video is dedicated especially to all the ladies who love to run.

Now truth be told, I’m not a big time runner (I actually prefer walking over running), but that doesn’t change the fact that running is a pretty solid workout. And for many people, running is “the holy grail” of weight loss workouts because it’s simple, straightforward, and gets the overall job done. Just throw on your sneaks, hit the trail (or the treadmill) and start burning that fat!

That said, for many people that take up running you’re bound to notice something peculiar after a few weeks of this type of workout and the scenario goes something like this: You’ve been putting in a good amount of time running—sometimes going on longer and longer runs—but for some reason your belly fat doesn’t seem to shrink much.
So what’s up with that?

To learn more about why your stubborn belly fat isn’t budging with your running workout, and what simple, and highly-effective “trick” you should start doing right now to majorly crank up the fat burn and start shrinking that belly, check out my Fit411 episode below. Hope you all enjoy the video, and I look forward to popping in again from time to time to share more tips!

Peace, Love & Healthy Living!


Dr. Phoenyx Austin, M.D. is a Sports Medicine Specialist and the creator of Beauty&Body Protein nutritional supplement for healthy hair and body. Find Dr. Phoenyx on her website and Youtube channel where she shares her passion for all things fitness, natural beauty, and awesomely healthy living!