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Lovie Simone Does a Tell All on a Set Visit: Her Role as Tabby in ‘The Craft: Legacy’

Lovie Simone Does a Tell All on a Set Visit: Her Role as Tabby in ‘The Craft: Legacy’

Lovie Simone

As the sun began to set in Canada, this writer along with others in a group interview, had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Lovie Simone on her new role as Tabby for The Craft: Legacy sequel. Simone tells us about her connection to the character and witchcraft. Here are a few things she told us about.

What is your connection to the original film and with witchcraft?

I didn’t really know about the film because it was before my time. I watched the film for the audition so I could like see what it is about, do some background checks and stuff. And then I watched it, and then I watched it again. And then I watched it again. And then I went to sleep with it on. It was really cool because we bonded. I loved all the characters and that it was female witches who were outcasts and not like the popular girls, center of attention kind of feel. I’ve always been attracted to witchcraft, because I always feel it’s just different ways of healing. I feel like the feminine side I guess, doesn’t get talked about much. We don’t have a chance to explore healing in those type of ways. I’ve been very into that all my life.

Can you introduce us to your character, tell us what she’s like and maybe what magic means to her?

Tabby, her element is fire. She’s very chill. She’s very into her craft. I feel like she got it from her mom, [even though] it isn’t really in the script. She’s been into it all her life. She got into it from her parents. They bonded because they all grew up with witchcraft.

Did you ever have any supernatural experiences with other women when you were younger?

In first or second grade, in the cafeteria with my friends. We all thought we had some kind of superpower. I was like, “Guys, watch this. I’m about to control the sound in the cafeteria.” I just went like this [lifts her hands slowly]. And then everybody would just like start yelling in the cafeteria, but it’d be chance. Then I’d be like, “Okay, try to lower the sound in the cafeteria.” So that was my earliest memory.

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Lovie Simone

I heard you brought crystals to your auditions. Can you talk a little bit about that and also the specific meaning of amethyst and what that does?

I’ve been collecting crystals for a little bit. I take crystals with me everywhere I go. I’ll show you guys some. [She takes crystals of all her pockets.] You got moon stone, rose quartz. I’m also into color therapy, too, because if crystals aren’t working, the colors do. I’ve always been into which crystal calls me. A lot of the times people go with amethyst because that’s the all-purpose healing crystal. I think it stems from a Latin word, which means “sober thoughts.” It helps you think clearly. But that’s not my favorite. My favorite is opalite glass, and it’s for the third eye chakra, intuition.

Do you feel having this background in witchcraft and crystals helped you out with your audition?

The whole reason I did the audition was because it felt like everything I was for in a way. I was like, “I can’t not be authentic with this.” I would feel disrespected if somebody who wasn’t truly about this were to be Tabby because I had to be her first. I feel like it was definitely easier for me to approach the role and know the mindset to tap into for the character. My audition was like a ritual scene. It was very, like serious. I had to tap into some higher self — but that was funny. Knowing all of this stuff, I was able to get some experience to tap into that side.

Could you speak about what it means to have a witch consultant on set with you?

Having a witch consultant around was very important. She lets us know everything we’re doing wrong and right, because we do want to respect the craft. At the end of the day, we want to play it out the way it’s supposed to. Having her around brings a sense of security because you know that someone is watching over you and it’s okay. Even if you have a whole bunch of experiences, it’s nice to have an actual witch there, guiding you and teaching you along the way. You just learn from everyone. It was really nice working with her.

As the night drew closer and the interview ended, we had a chance to observe the magic behind the scenes. A few steps down into the set, the interviewers got a chance to see what others will soon be able to witness.

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