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Not to get all self righteous but it was time for Cottonmouth to die.

Marvel's Luke Cage
Marvel’s Luke Cage

Blame it on the misogynistic way he talked to Misty at the top of episode seven of “Luke Cage” or his murderous temper or, more directly, the horrible things he said to Mariah but this dude got out of hand and it was time for him to go. Seriously, don’t shame sexual abuse victims. I guess Cottonmouth never saw the episode of “Scandal” that basically conveyed that very message. You know, the one where Olivia killed a dude for the same reason? Message!

Supreme props go to Mahershala Ali for making us hate him, love him and then hate him again before his grand exit. We can’t wait to see what this brother does next.

As for Luke himself, seeing him get shot scared the holy heck out of us. Of course he’s going to live because otherwise there’s no series but still. Nobody likes to see Superman succumb to Kryptonite and no one should want to see Luke succumb to any bullet of any kind. Judas bullet you say? Damn.

Other noteworthy moments included watching Samuel L. Jackson’s better half LaTanya Richardson chew up the scenery as a frighteningly villainous Mama Mabel, Mariah confronting her political foes, listening to Claire curse out Luke to motivate him and Luke destroying Domingo’s gym and then requesting a hoodie in his size on the way out.

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Marvel's Luke Cage
Marvel’s Luke Cage

Random questions/observations: Jacob Vargas, who costars as Domingo Colon, sure has come a long ways since “Next Friday.” Here’s hoping he gets used a lot more on “Luke Cage.” Love the hair. Mariah really should get some counseling. But isn’t it crazy that Shades knew she was capable of murder when no one else did? It’s really too bad Cottonmouth is dead because Harlem’s Paradise probably won’t have any more cool musical performances. Aw man.

What did you think of episode seven of “Luke Cage” titled “Manifest”? Tell us in the comments below.


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