Long, long ago, the goddess Ma’at yearned to have human children. She was at peace, doing her duties of keeping balance on Earth, but something deeper was missing. Seeing her despair her husband, Djehuty, burrowed himself in his sacred chambers and began writing. His words swirled around him until they began to form five distinct spirits. This being done, Djehuty and Ma’at consummated their love and birthed five mortals of their very own. Banni, Bala, Rahi, Ede and Kioni were their names. Not too long after these children would save Earth from their power hungry uncle, Chaos, and become the original members of what was to become the Ma’Ati nation.


Ma_Ati_Origins_illustration by Taj Francis


The Ma’Ati would go on to explore nearly every inch of Earth under the flag of their sacred symbol, the khamsa. Their stories kept balance amongst kingdoms, empires and villages. But it was their magic that made them powerful beyond belief. Djehuty handed down to his children a guide that held his most secret incantations, should they ever need it. It was for this strength that world leaders eventually forced the nation into hiding, causing two children to be accidentally left behind on Earth.



These children grew and as they grew they had children of their own and of their own and so forth. The generations then yielded one man and one woman who would trek across a continent to meet. And then I was born. I have no knowledge of whatever became of this great nation that I am from, but I am determined to find out.

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You can help me. I have launched a Kickstarter in order to create an online graphic novel and travel magazine that will explore the Earth from the point of view of the Ma’Ati. Each chapter will be pieced from the real adventures I have in a different city or country each month. The travel magazine will then explore these places so that you can create an adventure of your own.


Havana 2


A wonderful caravan of artists from the African Diaspora have come together to make this happen. I am Shamira, a freelance journalist and lifelong nomad. The amazing artwork you see here was done by the Jamaican artist, Taj Francis (who we suspect may hail from the Rahi clan.) Another artist featured with us is Paul Davey. The amazing Zimbabwean art collective, WETU, has conjured up our websites and Washington, DC based collective Mousai has captured our image through video.

We hope you will join us, comrades, on this amazing adventure.