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The Librarians Rule in the ‘Magicians’ Season Three Finale

The Librarians Rule in the ‘Magicians’ Season Three Finale

We’ve made it to the Magicians season finale. The epic quest is coming to an end and no one died. Well, Penny died sort of, but then we got another Penny. I can’t help but wonder if the other Penny is going to come back at some point. Maybe in Season 4…

Finally, everyone is together reading through the completed story to find out their next steps to finish the quest. They have to get to the place at the end of the world where magic is being held to unlock it with the keys, but they don’t exactly know where it is. They have found the architect that designed this place and learned that its home to a knight and she’s guarding a terrible creature that also lives there. Oh, and it’s in Fillory. It’s actually Castle Whitespire. Well, it’s the castle if it were flipped over and called Castle Blackspire.

Right in the middle of all of this, we learn that Julia is now a full-blown goddess – Our Lady of the Trees. It’s time for her to go get her goddess training and leave the group. As she says her goodbye to Quentin, they seem almost giddy. They spend so much time steeped in their pain. It’s nice seeing these two happy for a moment.

Things quickly return to the task at hand. They’ve made great strides in the quest, but they still have some work to do to finish. After using the hit of magic that Julia gave him to fight off a monster, Quentin visits the knight, Ora, in a dream and offers himself up to take her place. These guys are the pinnacles of martyrdom. I can see the honor in that, but the person making the sacrifice never seems to communicate his/her plans to the rest of the group. This is almost always a contributing factor to the well-laid plans going awry.

While awkward, Fen is doing a decent job as the fill-in queen of Fillory. She even managed to connect with the Fairy Queen to stop Irene McAllister from kidnapping fairies. Unfortunately, her ordering them to stop isn’t enough. The Fairy Queen sees it necessary to offer herself up to keep her people safe. She does manage to go out like a G, though.

In the meantime, Alice asks Dean Fogg for a potion that will erase her and create a whole new persona. She seems to have a plan that involves taking some fairy dust to get a burst of power. Thankfully, she tells Quentin that she plans to erase herself. Finally, some kind of honesty with this group.

Plot Twist!

Dean Fogg is working with the Library. This can’t end well.

They make it into Castle Blackspire. Unfortunately, everyone is not on the same page. Of course, the true danger is completely underestimated as everyone works towards their own agenda. Eliot shoots the creature. Alice uses magic to destroy the keys. She thinks it’s best to simply destroy magic and keep it away.

Julia shows up to fix everything with her power. She re-creates the keys using her power like Prometheus did. Finally, they are able to bring magic back! Just in time for Dean Fogg, Irene and the librarians to show up with the siphon and take it all away. Then Dean Fogg completely wipes their memories and turns them into new people. The shadiness of it all!

Now magic is back, but the library owns it completely. They ration it so tightly that the new Brakebills experiences regular magic outages. Alice wasn’t wiped so she knows that the creature escaped and that it can jump bodies. So now it’s looking for The Magicians even though they no longer know that they are magicians.

Wow…I didn’t see that coming. This seems like an insurmountable challenge, especially since the creature has gotten Eliot already. Now it’s out in the world, jumping bodies, spreading its wrath.

I’m intrigued to see how this will be handled in Season 4. If they can bring back a dead Alice like in Season 2, surely they can bounce back from this. Or can they?

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