“What if you had superpowers… but they kind of sucked?”

Max Compact is a new web series comedy about a makeup vlogger who discovers that she can see into the future, but only while applying makeup.

Max (as played by Giulianna Martinez) is a bubbly YouTube personality who makes charming slip ups like referring to a cat eye as a “cow eye” and introducing her “hugband” Jordan. After realizing that her second sight isn’t just a one-time fluke caused by a new foundation, Max reveals her new ability to her husband and friends, and begins to find other people with strange powers somehow related to the Uber driver they all used.

Max Compact
Max Compact writer/creator Jo-Dean Roark with star Giullianna Martinez.

This quirky series (written by Jo-Dean Roark) is reminiscent of “Heroes,” if it had a sense of humor. Minisodes featuring Max and Jordan are posted on Max Compact’s Facebook page, and create a sense of them as a real couple who genuinely enjoy each other’s company, powers be damned. The cast is quite diverse and it’s clear they’re having lots of fun.

Bonus: raffle giveaways every week for makeup lovers!

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