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Making the Perfect Gin & Comic

Making the Perfect Gin & Comic

Researchers at the Stephanie Onyebetor Institute for Bullshit and Bollocks have discovered that people who partake in one Gin & Comic a week show both an increased ability to make lemonade and a remarkably high tendency to see glasses of said lemonade as half-full

So go ahead and watch, listen, and laugh at this week’s mix. Bottoms up.

One​ ​Part​ ​Stand-Up​ ​Bit
Tony​ ​Baker​ ​-​ Being​ ​Single​ ​Sucks

Tony Baker has two kids, two dimples, and too many jokes for you not to find at least one of them funny. Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan and raised in “subpar” neighborhoods in Chicago’s South Side, Baker’s distinctive smile and winsome aura might already be familiar to some of you from his regular appearances on Russell Simmons’ All Def Digital YouTube channel or perhaps, for my true-blue fellow cinephiles, his whether you did or didn’t blink, you’d probably miss it role as a stagehand in 2014’s critical dahling Whiplash. If this post-Whiplash red herring of a clip where Baker unloads on the parched state of dating tickles your funny, be sure to keep a lookout for his unnamed but apparently soon to be released very first comedy special. Excuse my language but it’s about damn time. And by damn, I mean fucking.

Visit his website, Instagram, or Twitter page.

One​ ​Part​ ​Sketch​ ​Comedy
Saturday​ ​Night​ ​Live​ ​-​ Farewell​ ​Mr.​ ​Bunting

Dark chocolate took a while to grow on me but I must declare I’ve always liked my comedy noire. Maybe it was all the Ren & Stimpy growing up. Maybe it was one too many unintentionally funny Lifetime dramas or Nollywood DVDs. Who knows really, but if Saturday Night Live’s not-so-live gorgeously-directed darkly funny short and ode to Peter Weir’s Dead Poets’ Society was ever developed into a full-fledged feature, what I do know is that I’d be the very first person queued up to see it. Whether or not I’d watch it as many times as I’m too embarrassed to admit I’ve watched the abbreviated version conceived by Weekend Update’s Colin Jost and relatively new SNL cast member Mikey Day remains to be determined. Either way, “Go, Windermere!”

Which Disney Prince Is True Boyfriend Material?

Visit the show’s website, Instagram, or Twitter page.

One​ ​Part​ ​Comedy​ ​Special
Nikki​ ​Glaser​ ​-​ Perfect

I cannot tell a lie so I have to admit I never got around to watching a single episode of Nikki Glaser’s most promoted vehicle to date, the cancelled Not Safe with Nikki Glaser, which originally aired on Comedy Central. Although Not Safe didn’t quite take off in the same fashion as other popular CCian fare – Key and Peele, Inside Amy Schumer, etc. – after watching Glaser’s first comedy special Perfect, twice mind you, I know that a little old cancellation ain’t going to dim Miss Glaser’s shine. The girl’s got jokes. Funny jokes. Cutting jokes. Stereotypically revolving around men and sex because apparently that’s all female comedians can talk about jokes. Well, you can’t win them all, can you? Since apparently nothing in life is perfect, I’ll just say Perfect was pretty damn fantastic. And with that said, I think damn might just be my very favorite curse word.

Visit her website, Instagram, or Twitter page.

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