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Marvel Legacy: Next Big Thing Panel at NYCC

Marvel Legacy: Next Big Thing Panel at NYCC

Marvel Legacy

Over these coming months, Marvel looks to begin the next chapter of their universe. There will be a huge return of classic heroes and villains. They will also return to the original series numbering system as a nostalgic nod to their first comics. In the Marvel Legacy panel Vice President and Executive editor Nick Lowe was on hand with Ed Brisson (Iron Fist), Javier Garron (Secret Warriors), Erica Henderson (Unbeatable Squirrel Girl), Matthew Rosenberg (Punisher), Rainbow Rowell (Runaways) and Charles Soule (Daredevil) to discuss the stories they are working on. The Marvel Legacy series isn’t limited to these comics listed and we are in for a lot of great stories, collaborations, and drama.

Iron Fist as a comic series doesn’t disappoint and the storyline is about to pick up. Sabertooth is in town, and he and Iron Fist are still beefing with each other. The twist this time is that Iron Fist needs help and he has to go to Sabertooth. Will Sabertooth help Iron Fist? Will they end their beef? I wonder how “Sabertooth Round 2” will end. Iron Fist will also be in The Defenders legacy series where they team up with Deadpool. Deadpool also has a great legacy story where he actually gets to kill his prime enemy cable in issue #287.

Daredevil is going to go through some more challenges in the upcoming Mayor Fisk, issue #595 part 1. Daredevil and Fisk both have a love for New York City, but they show that love in different ways. In this storyline, Fisk becomes the mayor of New York City which also gives him more power in the entire country. That is huge and will have lasting effects on New York City as Fisk can unleash his wrath and Daredevil will have a harder time stopping him.

Punisher will have a lot going on. He will be the star of an upcoming book which is meant as a companion to other punisher comic storylines. In the book, Punisher is part of a platoon in Vietnam. In the comic book world Punish takes on the war machine armor in issue #218. He gets involved with a European military coup and goes on his own agenda by his terms.

Runaways have an amazing storyline planned. The comic begins after the original book. Each character is said to have a unique story and play off of the fact that their parents are or used to be supervillains.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl gets to try something new. In legacy edition #25 she will go into space and have an adventure.

Guardians of the Galaxy get in on the legacy action too. Gamora and many others are looking for soul stones. Novcore has been destroyed so the characters are dealing with that and figuring out how to rebuild. In addition they Guardians will get a new teammate when Antman joins them. Antman joining them is a surprise because the last team many saw him work with was the Avengers. The story is that Antman has gotten into trouble so big he had to go into space to escape it. Even better news is that the comic is expected to come to life in a future Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

The last mention at this panel was huge. Weapon H kind of huge. Weapon H is a new series, bringing Wolverine and the Hulk together. Wolverine’s DNA is powerful and has been used in many tests (some successful) to weaponize his DNA. In this series, the DNA of the Hulk has been combined with that of Wolverine. I’m sure it won’t be anything short of amazing, and it’s due out in March 2018.

Written by: Korynthia Fischer

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