Maya Glick is previously most well known as a rock musician and performer. She is a guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist who took inspiration from the likes of Bad Brains and Motorhead as well as Bowie and Prince. The band she fronted, Mother Goddess, rocked New York City from 1996 – 2005 and are featured briefly in the 2002 music documentary Afropunk.

She is now living in Austin, Texas and hasn’t done much with music since a gig at CBGB in 2005 where she smashed her guitar onstage.

The tragic loss of her infant son in 2011 sent her on a hellish journey through a dark time of unspeakable sadness. Eventually she took up martial arts as a form of therapy. Through her intense training she found new strength which ultimately was her salvation from grief and depression. She is now a purple belt and has also taken up the most grueling of obstacle course runs, The Spartan Race, as a favored pastime.

Her journey from tragedy and powerlessness to triumph and strength is the inspiration for the story she will tell through the film RAIN.

Dissatisfied with the lack of women of color in Hollywood’s superhero pantheon, Maya decided to take matters into her own hands and fill in that blank herself with a bold new take on the undersung but most powerful of the X-Men heroes: Ororo Munroe.

The version of Storm closest to this author’s heart and the one she needed to see brought to life was her “punk” incarnation. During that era Storm had temporarily lost her powers, but remained a leader and a fierce fighter though will, wits, and fists.

The idea of this underground version of such a complex heroine is something that fascinated Maya enough as a writer that she found herself re-imagining the character in different scenarios, and the script was born.

When word got out that a film was in the works featuring “mohawk” Storm, it sent shockwaves of excitement through the world of social media. Within less than 2 months the fan page for the film accumulated over 2000 ‘likes’, and before production ever began the film and its creator had been the subject of featured stories in sci-fi webzines such as Legendarium, What’s Fit To Print, BoomTube Comics, and The Learned Fangirl to name a few.

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