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Meet Fitness Guru and Personal Chef Candace Burney

Meet Fitness Guru and Personal Chef Candace Burney


Candace has always believed that life is meant to be enjoyed in its simplest form and she uses each of her platforms as a TV Host, Writer, and Public Speaker to highlight engaging and attainable ways to stay healthy using everything around you. Her brand Living Simply was created to help women embrace the sensuality of their strength by focusing on the importance of nurturing the whole being.

Candace is the Host & one of the Executive Producers of Living Simply with Candace, a healthy lifestyle show; Candace is a volunteer with The Boys & Girls Club; and she is a regular contributor to numerous magazines, websites and podcasts including MindBodyGreen and Octane Athletic Performance, and she’s currently working on her first cookbook to be released early 2017.


Living Simply With Candace is an award winning 30-minute lifestyle show filmed in Atlanta reaching over 3 million homes. The show focuses on putting the true meaning of living well into a real person’s perspective, and shows you how easy it is to embrace your best life by keeping things simple. She’s working right beside you as you both go through workouts that are designed to push your limits for no more than 18 minutes; you’ll learn how you can literally have your cake and eat it too with simple and easy recipes that always use real ingredients; then explore the countless ways to live an inspired and vivid life. The show was nominated for four (4) Taste Awards winning the ‘Best Health & Fitness Show (Diet & Exercise)’ category.

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