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Meet TLC’s ‘Extreme Sisters’ Patrix and Patrica

Meet TLC’s ‘Extreme Sisters’ Patrix and Patrica

A sisterly bond is like no other. It’s like having an automatic best friend, confidant, and life partner. It’s one thing to have a sister, but imagine what it’s like being practically attached at the hip. It’s two times the laughs, two times the fun, and maybe even two times the trouble. 

Meet two sisters Patrix and Patrica. These ladies take sisterhood bonding to the extreme in TLC’s newest reality show Extreme Sisters. In this new show centered on inseparable sisters, Patrix and Patrica, along with several other sister duos, showcase their one-of-a-kind sister relationships to the world. From color coordinating outfits to spending an indivisible amount of time together, one can say that they are one and the same. Now on TLC, viewers can catch up with Patrix and Patrica and sisters alike and see what it means to be an extreme sister. Those around them may not be ready for what these sisters have in store in a bond that can never be broken. By following a mantra like “friends till the end,” what could possibly go wrong? Watch Patrix and Patrica in a sister relationship that the world around them may just not quite understand as they do. 

Chatting with the extreme pair, Black Girl Nerds got to learn about everything from the beginning of times to their current 

First off, I’d like to know, how is your relationship different from other sister pairs?

Patrica: Well, I think our sistership and our sisterhood are so much different because we have unconditional love for each other. We give and we take from each other, and there’s no holding it over each other’s heads. We just love each other unconditionally. We do everything together. We love to be around each other. She’s a joy, and I’m a joy to her.  

What can viewers expect to see when they watch you two on Extreme Sisters?

Patrix: When you see us on extreme sisters, I think you’d expect to see ups and downs.

Patrica: Real life, the authentic relationship between siblings that is just real and raw and just true to its nature.

So that typical sister relationship, so maybe like feuds, ups and downs?

Patrix: But more ups than downs. 

What is the best way to describe your sisterly bond?

Patrix: To describe our sisterly bond, we would say authentic and loving, caring, endearing. 

Patrica: For me to describe it, it’s kind of indescribable because you would just have to see us to know what it’s like to be each other’s sister. I think we’re a lot different from a lot of people. We’re one of kind. 

Patrix: Two of a kind, we’re two of a kind. 

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Patrica: We’re two of a kind but one of a kind together. 

What was growing up like and having such a close bond? Were there times when you wanted your independence?

Patrix: No, we never wanted to be separated or have our own identity. 

Patrica: It was devastating for us when they separated us in kindergarten. That ruined our lives.

Patrix: It traumatized us still to this day, and that was in kindergarten. 

Patrica: It’s better together. 

Patrix: We work better together, we learn better together, everything is better together.  

In which areas are you and your sibling the complete opposite, if any?

Patrica: I mean, we might have some things that are a little bit opposite, maybe dating. 

Patrix: I like more of the bad guy.

Patrica: I like a nice clean-cut good man.

What do outsiders think of how close of a pair you two have grown over the years? Do people think it’s strange being super close and not wanting to be apart?

Patrix and Patrica (unison): No!

Patrica: People were jealous of our closeness. 

Patrix: They don’t want us to be together. 

Patrica: I think that they see that their relationship with their sisters isn’t as loving as ours or as great as ours. I think a lot of people try to compare it, or when they see us together they’ll try to get with their sisters. There gets to be a little jealousy sometimes, and sometimes I think people think we’re strange, too.

So does your relationship style ever inspire people to do the color-coordinated outfit theme?

Patrica: Oh yeah, we do inspire sister relationships. When they watch ours, it’s amazing. Wait until you see it on TV. It inspires sisters to get closer because there is no reason not to be close to your sister. 

Patrix: It doesn’t make sense to us not to be close.  

What advice would you give to siblings who may not have the best relationship and wish to develop a closer bond?

Patrix: My advice is to try your hardest to stay close to your siblings because you never know what tomorrow may bring. Life changes in a matter of minutes and seconds. So I think it’s important to bond with your siblings or your brothers and sisters when you get the chance and the opportunity and share life together. 

Patrica: Get over yourself. Your sister may not do things that you agree with but get over it. That’s your sister, that is how she feels about things. Love her in spite of, love him in spite of. Get over yourself and love each other, please. 

Viewers can catch Extreme Sisters now playing on TLC.

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