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BGN Comic Book Review: ‘Metal’ Issue 5

BGN Comic Book Review: ‘Metal’ Issue 5

Dark Nights Metal Issue 5

As Dark Knights Metal continues to unfold, in Issue 5 we have seen the members of the Justice League fighting to stop Barbatos across — and within — the world.

Each barrier they hit, however, tears away more of their strength and their faith, except for Wonder Woman (but more on that in a bit).

As the hordes of the dark push their way into the world, Superman and Batman learn of Carter Hall’s fate at the Forge, and Aquaman and Deathstroke discover technology at the Earth’s core that may respond to Aquaman’s touch if they can defeat Black Manta.Dark Nights Metal Issue 5

Manta and Black Adam fall easily to the side of the Dark horde. Both men let promises of power and land sway them to Barbatos side. This entire issue is the build up for the finale, as Barbatos is ready to put out the cry that will release hordes on Gotham and the world.

This issue really gave me a sense of urgency. Snyder has a great way of portraying the mood of threat that leads you to doubt just a teeny bit that everything’s going to be OK.

While The Batman Who Laughs and Barbatos bring the dark, Wonder Woman nurtures the light. At the height of her fight, we see a small sliver of fear cross her face before her lasso guides her back to the light.

Capullo has been excelling with the art for this series, but I found this issue to showing members of the league standing out more than the background scenery. This was great for me as it really ties into the emotional elements of the issue and in my opinion, all roads lead to an action-packed finale.

By: Kai Charles 

About the Author: Kai Charles is a medical professional, Jedi hopeful, and independent book reviewer at Fiction State of Mind. You can also find her on Twitter at @yogikai tweeting about all things related to Books & Geek Culture

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