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Metamorphosis of my Dream: A Homage to Langston Hughes

Metamorphosis of my Dream: A Homage to Langston Hughes

Written by: Megan Maher

I remember the first time I had my dream. It was just like me, small and innocent. I would follow my dream wherever it led me, but the more I grew, the more it grew. Soon, it grew too abstract for me to follow it, too heavy for me to carry, and too foreign for me to comprehend. Eventually, I pushed it aside and waited for it to dry up in the sun, but I didn’t want to see it fester, I didn’t want to smell it rot, or crust and sugar over. So, I exiled my dream and archived it in the forgotten tunnels of my subconsciousness where I buried it deep below an unmarked grave.

After years of forgottenness, I heard a familiar cry. The hazy memory of my abandon dream resurfaced, and I mourned to myself “this must be it” … this is my dream’s final cry before it explodes. There were no rupture or vibrations that I felt, but I no longer heard my abandon dream’s cry. Curiosity got the best of me as I trekked my way to my dream’s unmarked grave. The grave was exhumed, and that is when I learned that Einstein’s “law of relativity” did not only apply to vacuums and light. Just because I had forgotten, ignored, and denied my dream’s being, that did not negate its actual existence, nor stunt it’s growth. So there I was, standing in fear as I faced to my unnurtured and forgotten dream. My abandoned dream had evolved into a nightmarish beast with claws, fangs, and deranged eyes that searched mine for retribution. My survival instincts channeled into my personal calling for Daedalus as I created my mental Labyrinth to contain the beast.   

My mind was supposed to be free at last, with my Labyrinth containing the beast. I was supposed to have peace of mind, clarity; but an uncomfortable silence consumed my mind and evaded my thoughts. I waited for what felt like an eternity for Theseus to arrive and slay the beast, but he never came.

The noisy silence and anticipation drove me to insanity. I found the conviction, as I decided it was up to me to slay the beast who will not allow me to rest. I arrogantly traveled to the center of the Labyrinth where I presumed I would simply sneak up on the beast and annul it from existence. However, I foolishly didn’t take into account that even though I was the architect of this Labyrinth, this was the home of the Beast who was constricted inside this structure waiting to get its retribution from me. I found myself lost and stuck inside, facing a corner. When I turned around, that’s when I saw the beast. Fully grown, towering over me with sharp claws and vicious fangs. I locked eyes with the menacing creature, and that’s when it happened… The beast’s eyes turned to fire and walls of this elusive Labyrinth disintegrated.

Darkness took over my mind, and I ran as fast as I could with no sight, no guidance. The only sound I could hear were the constant footsteps of the beast chasing behind me. As exhaustion inevitably overtook me, my run became a walk, then a crawl, until I found myself on my knees attempting to conjure up a fresh wind.  That’s when I heard the beast snarl behind me, and I used my last bit of strength and rose to my feet to face the beast. As the beast and I stood face to face, I felt the fire emitting from its eyes onto mine as I closed my own. With one final inhale I imagined what its claws were going to feel like as they tore through my skin, I imagined what its teeth were going to feel like as they sunk through each layer of my flesh.  Then, with what I thought would be my final exhale, I felt the magic of that moment. The stars began to shine on me, the wind was singing to me, the breeze of the air in collusion with the water ushered me to open my eyes, and I found myself staring at the clearest, deepest hue of blue water that I have ever seen. No longer did I see a beast in front of me, I saw my reflection with vibrant skin, glowing eyes revealing the power of my soul, and wings that expanded further than all the depths of my imagination. With a smile on my face, I flapped my wings for the first time.   

Do not set your dream aside, do not bury your dream, do not confine your dream, do not run from your dream. Hold fast to dreams, because you will fly.   

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