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After a few hesitations, Karen and her hot manny Robert finally take their relationship to the next level. I guess Karen is proving she can have her cake and eat it too. Besides, there was so much sexual tension between these two, so it was bound to happen at some point.

Meanwhile, Mark tries his best to support April now that her dreams of being an artist have been crushed. Being the thoughtful and considerate boyfriend that he is, Mark buys April a career book in the hopes that she will find something else that she is passionate about. Instead of appreciating Mark’s sweet gesture, April bites his head off. Is it just me or is April turning into a real grouch? Either way treating Mark like crap is going to backfire on her, so hopefully she gets her act together and realize that no one is perfect. But for once, I think she’s with someone who is committed to making it work and wants to be there for her. Enter Michael, a grumpy customer fed up with his interior designer stops by April’s shop. Soon April finds herself making a delivery to Michael’s Mailbu home and it’s clear there is a connection between the two. When Michael returns some of the items to the store, he mentions that fired his designer and that he is married. I think this soothes some of April’s fears. Mark encourages April to apply for the gig as Michael’s new interior designer and of course April snaps at him again. April needs to shape up or she’s going to lose Mark. April heads over to Michael’s house and throws her name into the ring for the job. Michael of course is delighted and offers her the job.

Now that it’s safe to assume that neither Savi or Calista will make an appearance this season, Kate will more than likely complete take their place. After her break-up with Brian (her cheating fiancé), Kate is ready to make a new life in Los Angeles and immediately solicits advice from Joss on stepping up her dating game.  Joss tries to convince her to wait, as any good friend or future sister-in-law would do but Kate is determined to get back on the horse as quickly as possible. After a few awkward and uncomfortable blind dates that were painful to watch, Kate finds a guy that she’s interested in. Kate quickly starts talking about love and marriage while Joss tries to get her to slow down. Instead of completely dismissing her feelings, Joss agrees to meet Kate’s new man. Unfortunately, Kate’s date is only interested in getting Joss to join in on the action. Kate immediately blames Joss and the two have a fight outside of the club. Joss, still working on controlling her emotions and anger, leaves Kate stranded at the club. After talking to Harry, Kate realizes that she went a little bit too far trying to find her happily ever after.

After experiencing some pain in her side, Joss heads to the doctor. The doctor informs Joss that the pain she’s experiencing is a stress fracture in one of her ribs. The doctor warns her that if she doesn’t watch it, she could do some serious damage. Joss finally starts to rethink her form of therapy and when Harry sees her newest bruise, Joss agrees to take some time away from the gym. Joss conveniently forgets to mention her recent doctor visit to Harry. Things are going well until a biker pulls out in front of Joss nearly causing an accident. Without her daily two sessions in the gym, Joss loses her cool and berates the cyclist in front of a crowd of people. Karen tells Joss that maybe the sparring gym is actually helping. But Karen like Harry has no idea that Joss’s class is a potential health risk. Joss steps back into the gym, without telling Harry and I’m sure this will be something that comes back to bite her in the end. When Joss talks to her instructor about her outbursts, she encourages Joss to channel her feelings into kicks and punches. Uh oh! Why I have a sneaking suspicion this advice will land Joss in some hot water?

Even though Karen is enjoying her new found relationship with her manny Robert, the lines between lover and employee are blurred. When Robert reprimands Karen for not spending time with Vivian, Karen fires him as her nanny. A late night revelation about socks and their ability to comfort Vivian makes Karen realize she misses Robert. The next day Karen tracks down Robert and invites him back as her boyfriend not her nanny.


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Mistresses 4×4 “Blurred Lines”

MISTRESSES - "Blurred Lines" - Karen realizes she's very happy to be back working with her clients again, despite putting her love life on hold. April's new client gets a little too close for comfort, while someone from Marc's past becomes very present. Kate struggles after learning her ex-fiancé is dating someone else, while Joss plays dirty to get a new client. Based on the hit UK television series of the same name, "Mistresses" airs MONDAY, JUNE 27 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/John Fleenor) HILTY BOWEN, ROB MAYES

Now that Karen and Robert are officially a couple, Robert wants Karen to cut back on her hours and spend more time with him and Vivian. But with the momentum from her book and her new gig as a sex therapist, Karen isn’t ready to slow down just yet. Robert is less than thrilled to see Karen putting her work in front of their relationship, but is hopeful that they’ll still have time together. But, then Karen blows off their surprise lunch to take on new clients. While Karen’s love life is stalling at the moment, her professional life is really taking off. Her newest clients are a married couple that are having problems with intimacy. Karen assures the couple that it’s an issue that can be resolved. Then Karen finds out the root of the problem: the wife has never had an orgasm with her husband. Yikes, that is a serious problem!

Meanwhile April is embracing her new gig as an interior designer for Michael. While I want to be happy for April, I find her dismissive attitude towards Marc too much to handle. If she doesn’t get it together, I’m going to start rooting for Marc to be with someone else who treats him better. April dives in and starts making plans for Michael’s house. Michael, of course, loves April’s plans but says Teresa aka his wife has to approve of everything. Good thing Teresa will be flying in from NYC so April can pitch all of her ideas.

Fueled by the sudden exit of her top celebrity stylists, her boosted confidence and aggression due to her self-defense classes, Joss decides to go after a big-named client. Joss pitches herself to the young singer/actresses as an up and coming publicist who can take her to the next level. Unfortunately, the starlet’s publicist hears Joss’s pitch and completely shuts her down by bringing up her less than stellar year: being accused of murder, Calista’s downfall and Wilson’s trial.  Feeling down about the interaction, Joss tries to vent to the ladies but they are too wrapped up in their own lives.

Marc and his band get their first gig at a music festival. Ok, well they have to pay to play in the festival but it is still a gig. It’s clear that April doesn’t approve of the direction Marc is taking with his life. I think April needs to stop trying to be a parent to Marc and be his girlfriend. The attitudes and disapproving tones she uses towards Marc are going to push him away. Marc and his band are all set to go except they need a new lead singer. The band thinks Sofia, who happens to be Marc’s ex will be the perfect addition to the band. Marc is still angry that Sofia cheated on him with the keyboard player in their band 10 years ago. Sofia stops by Marc and April’s house to convince Marc to give her a chance. She promises that she is a different person and that is best for the band. Looks like April should definitely be worried about her relationship with Marc.

Poor Kate can’t get out of her break-up funk and decides to mope around the house. Luckily for her, Harry gives her some tough love and tells her to get it together. After a small meltdown with Harry’s architect, Kate realizes Harry might have a point. April in an effort to cheer up Kate, offers her a job at the store and after some tough love Kate accepts the job.

Back at the self-defense class Joss’s disappointment on losing a potential client impacts her performance. Usually at the top of her class, Jos has fallen to the bottom of the class. Her instructor encourages her to fight back and beat her competition at his own game. Is anyone else starting to think this class is doing more harm than good?  With the help of her assistant, Joss sneaks into her competition’s cell phone and leaks some of his text messages to the press. Joss’s questionable actions cause her competitor to lose his current client and other clients as well. Like Kylie, Joss’s assistant I’m starting not to like the woman Joss is becoming. I will say I’m proud of Joss for sharing her feelings with the other women in her group

April and Marc have yet another fight when April reveals that her pitch is the same night as Marc’s gig? Talk about keeping your priorities straight? April assures Marc she will be there after her pitch. Before their fight Marc was all set to tell April about Sofia, but the fight sidetracks his she confession. Later Michael shows up at April’s shop and delivers the bad news: his getting a divorce, so there won’t be a pitch after all. The two have a drink and before you know Michael kisses April. I can’t say that I’m surprised though. Feeling guilty about the kiss, April shows up to Marc’s gig and immediately spills the beans to Joss. April can’t help but notice the chemistry between Marc and Sofia on stage. Maybe if April realizes that Marc is a great catch, she’ll get her act together. Being the honest person that he is, Marc comes clean to April about Sofia. Now, this would be the perfect opportunity for April to tell Marc about the kiss. But April chooses to keep Marc in the dark about her kiss with Michael.

Just when Robert and Karen have a baby-free dinner when they’re interrupted by the police. Someone broke into Karen’s office and the police caught them red handed. Karen rushes down to her office to find out the suspects are her clients. Turns out dressing up as superheroes and having sex in Karen’s office is exactly what they need to fix the wife’s orgasm problem. Karen is ecstatic about the breakthrough but realizes her work takes priority over her love life, for now. So with that Karen is single again.

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