MKUAPod #7| Vixen’s 27 Piece Set



Stephanie and Jamie discuss the history of Mari McCabe aka Vixen. From her first meeting with Superman, her time spent with Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad, to her limited series run Return of the Lion, listen in as they dig into the story of the one and only, Vixen. #MKUAPod

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About Jamie Broadnax

Jamie Broadnax is the managing editor and creator of the online community for Black women called Black Girl Nerds. Jamie has appeared on MSNBC's The Melissa Harris-Perry Show and The Grio's Top 100. Her Twitter personality has been recognized by Shonda Rhimes as one of her favorites to follow. In her spare time, she enjoys live-tweeting, reading, writing, and spending time with her beagle Brandy.
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