Ready for another recap?  Here we go with last night’s Season 1 Ep 8 broadcast!

The opening scene is with Darlene and a mystery man embracing one another on the balcony of a high rise apartment.  It’s clear that we are in a post coital moment as Darlene is partially dressed smoking a cigarette and mystery man mentions the term “hookup”.  Mystery man is a suit and capitalist and for some bizarre reason Darlene who works diligently to stop guys like him is a fu%k buddy of his.

What are Darlene’s motives with this man?  

After Mystery Man leaves to clock in at his 9-5 gig, Darlene sneaks into a cabinet which contains a safe and hacks the code to get in.  Inside is a gun and Darlene places it in her backpack.  Darlene then attends ballet class and spots Angela who is on her cell phone.

Wait a second, Darlene attends ballet class? And Darlene and Angela know each other?

They’re both talking about Elliot, so we know they they have a mutual friendship through Elliot.  The question is how.


Elliot stares at a painting and speaks aloud about Krista and deals with the guilt of being honest with her and hope she’s not mad at him.  Elliot then burns a CD with Krista’s information and places it along with the countless other CDs in his collection.  Elliot then meets with Mr. Robot and asks “did you get everybody back?” and the two walk off in the distance.




Darlene is on the subway and two men in suits approach her and tell Darlene a cryptic message to “follow the proper commands”.

Elliot is now with fsociety and everything is now set in motion and Allsafe is vulnerable.  A discussion about the meeting with White Rose is happening and Elliot gets a text message from Lloyd Chung indicating that Allsafe has been hacked.  Darlene gives Elliot a gun and tell him she was followed and that he needs to protect himself.

“The White Rose meet may not go down the way we want it to”

Elliot says he doesn’t know how to use a gun and he’s uncertain that White Rose wants to meet with him.  Darlene takes his phone and plugs in her number.  She does this to protect him, even though Elliot is reluctant for her to expose her info into his phone. Darlene advises that they both need to protect each other right now. They embrace. Darlene hides her gun in a popcorn machine.

Mr. Robot approaches Elliot and assures him that White Rose only wants to talk to him.

We transition to Tyrell and it’s obvious that he’s falling apart at the seams.  He’s hostile and angry.  Tyrell’s assistant tell him that Gideon is here to see him.  Gideon tells Tyrell that one of his employees confessed to breaking chain of custody with the Colby dat file and that Colby will be freed of charges since it will be rendered inadmissible.  Gideon assures that all firewalls have been reconfigured and implemented a honeypot. The honeypot is a trap set to detect, deflect, or, in some manner, counteract attempts at unauthorized use of information systems.  Gideon says Allsafe has their full attention to the matter.  Tyrell’s face does not look pleased and after Gideon exits his office, Tyrell logs on and tries to hack into their server.  He types fsociety over and over and the code comes up as permission denied.   Tyrell’s assistant Elizabeth interrupts him to say a body was found on the roof by law enforcement.

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Elliot arrives into the offices of Allsafe and Ollie spots him.  Ollie walks over to Elliot’s terminal and orders him to drop off drives over for disk recovery.  Elliot wants to know why he has to run the errand and not any of the IT guys.  Ollie insists that the task should be done and that he should get there by 2pm and he can’t be late.  Elliot sensed Ollie was scared and hacks into his Gmail account.  He notices an email from Angela and wonders what she has to do with this. Tyrell and his wife are back in their Chelsea home discussing their next plan of action after the murder of Sharon.  Tyrell is freaking out and meanwhile his wife who is far more sinister and calculating that her psychotic husband says that everything is timely and going according to plan and that Price will have no choice but to name Tyrell as the next CTO. Elliot meets with Angela and asks why he wasn’t told about the nude leaked photos of Angela.  Angela confesses everything to Elliot about what happened and Angela explains that she never told him sooner because he was never there.  Angela tells him how much she misses their friendship.  Elliot realizes the hack was a distraction and that this was about him.



Hackers.  We inherently trust no one, including each other.  I will never be able to tell her.  There will always be this divide my wall that she can’t look over. And she knows it. 

Elliot meets with White Rose.  White Rose played by guest star BD Wong, appears to be a transgender character who is absolutely on point with her delivery and her wig game I might add!  White Rose is not here for games, and immediately starts timing their meeting and states how she manages her time very carefully and has no more than three minutes.  Elliot discusses with her how he plans to take down Evil Corp and asks her if she’s ready to do this, but in fact White Rose does not believe Elliot is ready.  She states that he strayed from the hack to focus on Colby and it opened a vulnerability and that now Gideon is suspicious.  It dawns on Elliot that is the reason why White Rose hacked Allsafe to monitor his activities and while doing so it was discovered that the infected servers was turned into a honeypot.  Elliot tells White Rose he can remove the honeypot, but at this point White Rose has lost faith in Elliot’s abilities and motives.  White Rose advises Elliot that he will not see her again.  Elliot asks why she’s working with him and fsociety, and White Rose replies with a smug smile.

Elliot is freaking out now that he knows security has been breached and that Gideon has been onto him the whole time.  Elliot’s paranoia starts to kick in and he speaks to us (his imaginary friends) to help calm himself.  Elliot realizes he needs a distraction to get to Gideon’s phone.

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Elliot is back at Allsafe and fsociety hacks into their TV monitors to help distract.  Elliot goes through Gideon’s phone and immediately goes back to his terminal in 90 seconds.  As Elliot tries to get Gideon’s information, Gideon shows up at his desk suspicious and wondering what Elliot is up to. When Gideon was hacked, it was discovered he’s a good honest man trying to protect his employees.

The next scene is a shocker.  Tyrell is in a vehicle with Mr. Robot.  He states that he wants to know what he’s planning and that they were meant to be allies.  At this point, now we know there is history between Mr. Robot and Tyrell and that there is information Tyrell has on Mr Robot that he doesn’t want to get out.  Tyrell threatens to tell Mr Robot’s secret, but Mr Robot is unfazed.

Tyrell is back at home with his wife and feels like his world his crumbling.  He feels like his wife has pushed him to the limits and now he’s out of control.  The police show up at this door with questions about the death of Scott’s wife Sharon Knowles.  Tyrell’s wife offers the police a drink and goes into the kitchen.  She let’s out a squeal and her water broke.  Tyrell looks over at the kitchen counter and sees metal object with blood and it looks like his wife has induced her pregnancy.

Elliot meets with Darlene at Coney Island.  He suggests they should celebrate that their server will no longer be a honeypot and the takedown of Evil Corp is finally happening.  Darlene screams with joy and tells Elliot how he will change the world and how grateful she is to him.  She looks him in the eye and tells him that she loves him.  Elliot leans in to kiss her.  Darlene backs away and demands to know what the hell is wrong with him.  She asks Elliot did he forget who she is?  Elliot repeats her name over again and Elliot says aloud.

You’re my sister.

Elliot starts speaking to himself and starts recalling memories of his past about Darlene his sister.  Elliot rushes home and realizes he should have stayed with Krista and stayed on the meds.  Elliot does what he knows best and decides to hack himself, since he is unsure of his identity at this point.  Elliot then grabs a blank CD from his CD collection of stored data and pulls up images on his computer.  The images are photos of Mr. Robot and Elliot as a kid. Present day Christian Slater Mr. Robot and Elliot as a kid. Yes. Take a moment and let that resonate.    


Yep. That’s how we all feel too. See ya next week kids.

Photos: (David Giesbrecht/USA Network)