I’m too old for this *insert explicative here*. I’ve reached a point in my adulthood where I have to don’t have time for a truckload of *insert second explicative here*. I’m not quite certain why there are men with dating profiles who are “not serious” or “just looking” and you are in your thirties and forties. Seriously dude? You’re not interested in a monogamous committed relationship and you’re 36 years old?


I apologize for writing in Twitter hashtag speak. Force of habit.

I know this may offend some men of a certain age, but it must be said. If you are in your late thirties, and you are just looking for “the hookup” or a “casual encounter”, then you should just circumvent the whole online dating process and just hire yourself a private escort. Yeah I said it. I know that may sound a bit harsh, but why should a respectful girl who wants to find a husband, have to search for a needle in a haystack in order to find a guy who wants the same things she wants?

It shouldn’t be this difficult to find the right guy, and I’m starting to wonder if I should give up the online route and just get my butt out of the house and go out there become the social butterfly I’ve always aspired to be. I’m not sure where to go and what steps to take to shed off my introverted shell and reveal my inner extrovert. However, the saga continues as I search for Mr. Right, and diligently weed out all of the Mr. Right Nows.

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  • Camille Monae

    Hang in there with both the online and the going out. You’ll double your chances. I found a good guy through online dating and although it ended I would go online again. I’m not a social butterfly and am really busy usually so it works for me. Just hang in there and don’t settle 🙂

  • Camille Monae

    And guys that age looking for hookups is a bit weird….but at least they are being upfront about it.

  • Kaylee Ameli

    It looks online dating is becoming a fashion now a days.India Dating

  • I’m not as critical of guys in their 30s and 40s looking for hook ups and casual dating on dating websites, as long as they’re upfront with their inability to commit because they’re still stuck in some 20-somethings fantasy of putting more notches in their bedpost. I’m more critical of and infuriated by the ones looking for “a good woman/someone to come home to” that will inevitably waste your time when you go out on a few dates with them only to learn they’re really just looking for sex. At least the ones that say they are “just looking” are obvious red flags you can avoid.

    But, I pretty much co-sign everything else. I’ve read several blog pieces this year that advise ditching online dating, and I personally have not found anything worthwhile or long-lasting from it. Yet I have no idea what real life, social groups or environments I need to put myself in to find the kind of man I want.