Oh me oh my.  So here we go once again as we delve deeper into the science of online dating.  Do you remember that movie What Women Want?  You know the romantic comedy starring Mel Gibson where he wakes up one day and finds that he has the uncanny ability to read women’s minds?

I want that.

Okay let me clarify, I want that in reverse.  I want a mutant superpower where I have a knack for reading the male mind.  This skill is an essential asset when it comes to online dating.  I get notifications on my cell phone every time I get a message from this one particular online dating site quite often.  I must admit that I get a little excited when I receive a new message hoping that this guy may be the one to end my online dating life.  

Do you think I enjoy posting these excerpts about my online dating experiences?  I simply want this saga to end!

This evening, I received an influx of messages from male suitors (I use that term loosely).  Here is a sample of my messages:
“Damn girl y u single?”
“U got a pretty smile”
This is just a very small sample my friends.  Perhaps in my next posts I will give examples where they email me a message with more than one fragmented sentence.  The icing on the cake tonight was from a guy who had a total of 7 photos on his profile.  However, 6 of those 7 photos has stacks of dollar bills photographed.  Are you looking for love or a financial investment portfolio?  It still kills me that men in their THIRTIES find it cute to take pictures of stacked dollar bills and rims on their vehicles.  
Like really dude?  Really?  Does anything in my profile remotely give you any inclination that I am into material things? 
For the record, my profile is pretty straight forward and to the point.  I declare my Christian faith, my interest in all things nerdy, and the fact that I prefer spending evenings at home cuddled on the sofa rather than hanging out and taking advantage of free before 11 at the club.  
Hey guys out there…please stop posting pictures of material items thinking that is the way to woo a girl into dating you.  If you do attract a girl, I’m pretty certain that she’s only interested in one thing…those stacks of 20 dollar bills you have posted all over your profile.
The struggle continues ladies.