Although there has been a number of series launched this year that have a predominately Black cast (Luke Cage and Queen Sugar) there is still a barrier of entry into mainstream media for people of color. According to a report done by UCLA, only 8.1% of leads in Hollywood are people of color and that number drops to 3.3% for television creators of color. This is one of the reasons Victoria Coker, Founder of, started her streaming site that highlights Black web series.

ColoredContent’s mission is to amplify the voices of Black media makers by showcasing narratives from a variety of genres. They believe that by creating a place for Black people to share their stories the community will be empowered. Ms. Coker is very passionate about her company’s mission. “Being Black doesn’t mean we are all the same. Hollywood sometimes creates a one size fits all model when it comes to people of color. So we are stereotyped as a particular character. We’re 3D we have multiple dimensions and we all need to have access to seeing positive narratives.” explains the founder.

The platform now has close to forty series on the site. The site features various genres, including romance, comedy, action, drama, documentaries, and of course sci-fi. The premiere sci-fi series on the site is Boost, which tells a story of a Black superhero who is fighting against a big evil corporation. The series was created by Youtube star Tactix who was inspired by his own love for superheroes.

In the future, Ms. Coker sees the platform expanding to different devices. Overall she hopes it will inspire the next-generation of media makers to develop compelling stories.

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