New “American Gods” Trailer


In case you missed it, Starz has released another American Gods trailer before it steps up to the pulpit on April 30 at 9pm ET/PT. The first, visceral look of the fantasy series was revealed at San Diego Comic Con 2016, featuring Ricky Whittle as Shadow Moon wandering through a world he is not accustomed to, led by an enigmatic Ian McShane.

This second look is a bit more straight forward, giving more details to the plot and less dreamy music and imagery. It also features two gods that were not featured in the first trailer but announced close to the time it dropped: Mr. Nancy (Anansi), played by blerd favorite, Orlando Jones and Kristin Chenoweth, star of stage and screen.

BGN’s own Kyndal has already reviewed the pilot and it looks good for us Gaiman fans. Also check out the First Look trailer there.

Check out BGN’s on-the-scene coverage of the American Gods’ premier at SXSW, and keep your eyes peeled for more BGNSXSW exclusives!



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