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Six nerds play out the drama of their real lives through the fantasy of live action role playing – LARP.  A meek student can be a slick assassin; the slacker geek is a master wizard. In the real world, people write them off as losers, but at the LARP, everyone’s a hero.

In season one, Brayden, a bumpkin fresh off the bus in New York, stumbles into the world of LARPing.  He finds himself at the weekly game where a coterie of five nerds gather to plot the downfall of the evil Doge of New Amsterdam.  Will he win the heart of sweet-hearted Cassie, who would never dare make the first move?  Can he master Level 2 Sexual Magnetism while wearing women’s armor?  And would Derek Jeter make a good Fourteenth Doctor?

The game in the show is a theatrical LARP.  It’s set in an alternate reality, a steampunk version of New York known as New Amsterdam.  A new Doge has taken power, who’s played by a dude who, in the real world, is merely a huge douche.  In-game, he’s straight up evil.  He gives all the best jobs to his real-world friends, and locks our heroes’ characters out of the most exciting storylines.  Our heroes have formed a coterie to overthrow the Doge and restore justice and peace.  Unfortunately, the Doge’s bodyguard is Member Class Theta, and thus practically indestructible.  The coterie is out of ideas, and the rebellion has stalled.  Brayden’s character, newcomer Notorious Steve, may be just what they need.

In Game: The Series depicts both our Real-World characters and their In-Game alter egos. As events unfold in New York, they affect things in New Amsterdam, and vice versa.  If the coterie in New Amsterdam is to succeed, the players in New York must overcome their petty differences, and learn to work together.






Each character consists of a Real-World player and their In-Game alter ego.  The alter ego represents whatever is missing from the player’s real life: respect, wealth, physical coordination, or unabashed sexuality.


Brayden Bigglesworth / Notorious Steve

Our hero, Brayden (Aaron Eisenberg) hails from Wisconsin, but moved to New York City to become a poet. The nicest guy in the world, Brayden finds the city overwhelming, and he’s been pretty lonely. He lodges in a rent-controlled apartment owned by Mrs. Moskowitz, who he has never met, and who unbeknownst to Brayden, is illegally gouging him. He ran into the coterie while at his job as a pizza delivery guy, and mistakenly thought Jefferson invited him to the game. We later discover he was fired because he had to go and buy Red Bull to bring to the LARP.


Notorious Steve (Joel Perez) is a highwayman, a solitary wanderer who is always looking for his next adventure. He stole Little Crow, the Emperor’s great sword of Edo! He is known throughout the world! Notorious Steve would never be intimidated by a beautiful woman, and flirts effortlessly with the cat seductress Sekhmet. He has the body of a rippling-abbed superhero, the wit of James Bond, and the mustache-growing skills of someone with considerably more testosterone than Brayden.




Cassie Gilligan / Sekhmet, The Infamous Feline Assassin

Cassie Gilligan (Aly Viny) is a medical student and lifelong overachiever. Her all-A winning streak was broken only once, the day her no-good brother Glen totaled her Dad’s car by driving it into her Mom’s car and wound up in hospital. Cassie turned to spirtualism to help her through the trauma of getting a B. She dreams of letting loose the way her brother does, but instead she always does the right thing and puts other people’s feelings first, crushing her secret kinky side and her tendency to be really abrasive. When she meets Brayden, she thinks she may have finally found a guy who won’t take advantage of her incredible niceness.

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Sekhmet (Christiana Cole) is a slick, sexy cat assassin who takes no shit from anyone and has T&A from here to kingdom come. Sekhmet can roll out of bed with immaculate hair and makeup, leap into her sky-high heels, and whip her enemies into submission, all while wearing a leather corset so snug that a lesser woman would pass out. Her only weakness is her nemesis, Bast, who weirdly enough, looks exactly like her alter ego’s brother. Sekhmet flirts with the studly stranger, Notorious Steve, with the wit and ease of Grace Kelly crossed with a professional dominatrix.



Jefferson Everett / The Mighty and Nameless Wizard

A hoarder, Jefferson (Jon Bander) comes from just enough money to totally demotivate him. He hosts the coterie’s downtime events at his parents’ spare Washington Heights apartment. He’s got a lot of college credits, but never finishes anything – even his costume consists of a dressing gown and his grandma’s scarf pinned into a turban. Jefferson is always offering to brew a potion.


Jefferson’s alter ego, the Wizard (Roger Reed) is expert in all things, from alchemy to potions to political scheming. He is known across his Guild as a man who always finishes what he starts, and never loses his temper. As a member of the Neo-Troll subkith with Level One Sexual Magnetism, his silvery skin and smooth movements are highly alluring to the opposite sex, in particular women of the Nymph and Siren genera. He wears a monocle, not because there is anything wrong with his vision, but because it is a talisman for focusing mystical energy, and also because the ladies love it. Everyone recognizes his natural leadership qualities and defers to his opinion.





Rambo Li / The Paladin

Rambo “Bo” Li (Hansel Tan) is a third generation American from a family of doctors. A natural athlete, he rejected familial pressure to go to college, instead focusing on his baseball career. He made it into the Yankees farm system and was considered a top prospect before he busted his knee. Now he’s reduced to team physio for a small league out on Staten Island. He LARPs to get his alpha male jock on, since he can no longer do it in real life.  Bo is a much better guy than he wants people to know, and fiercely loyal to his friends. While he puts newcomers like Brayden through the wringer, he is happy to welcome him after he has proven himself.

The Paladin (Pun Bandhu) is a super-hot, chisel-jawed, godlike stud who could have all the ladies and do all the naughty stuff, but is far too virtuous.  He used to serve an evil deity, but now he has repented and walks the Path of Chivalry. A leader, he nonetheless has a gentle spirit, and spends his time putting his pristine white cloak over puddles so that little old ladies don’t get their feet wet, while also fighting injustice perpetrated by the evil Doge.  His sole weakness is that he can never back down from a challenge.

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Sheila Vandenbroek / The Count de Glacszealin

Sheila Vandenbroek (Keisha Zollar) works in finance, where she is constantly surrounded by douchebros.  The original founder of the coterie, she is rational, hard-headed, and (despite what Jefferson would like to believe), she’s in charge.  She LARPs to experience what it would be like if the world treated her the way it treats her (wealthy, upper class white dude) boss.  Thanks to her banker salary, Sheila is the wealthiest person at the LARP, which is reflected in how her real-world costume looks the most like the costume of her in-game alter ego, because she can afford to really create the bells and whistles.  She also can afford touches like dry-clean-only pauldrons.  Sheila’s personal hygiene is unimpeachable, because it gives her a sense of control in a world full of macho-addled dickheads.


The Count de Glacszealin (Erik Potempa) is a vampire who hails from ancient Polish nobility, and looks weirdly like Sheila’s (wealthy, upper class white dude) boss.  The Pale Ones have ruled the city since time immemorial, though the new Doge threatens their power base.  The Count cooperates with non-vampires only when they are loyal to his cause, and defer to his every whim.



Destinee Steinhaus / The Magpie, Hermit Queen of the Vagrant Folk

Destinee Steinhaus (Megan Sass) is an oddball who marches to the beat of her own drum. She works at a hospital as an orderly, where she enjoys discovering all the hilarious (to her) ways that the human body can go wrong. She combines hardcore nerdery with an artistic flair, knitting tapestries featuring Derek Jeter as the Fourteenth Doctor and tea cosies of Xena Warrior Princess commanding the Enterprise. She LARPs to spend time in a world as weird and wonderful as she is. Because she is completely at ease with herself, her alter ego the Magpie is played by the same person.


The Magpie looks exactly like Steinhaus, but lives in a world much more suited to an eccentric hermit. She lives in a slum in a house made out of spare parts that fall off the steampunk airships that pass overhead every day. By day she roams the trash heaps of New Amsterdam to collect various magical knickknacks to perform spells and charms for others among the Vagrant Folk. Generally a solitary creature, she joined the coterie under protest when the Doge cleared her slum to build the Chamber of Truth. Now she is reluctantly caught up in the fight against the Doge and his evil minions, when all she wants to do is kick back with a nice pipe-full of Old Toby.



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