To be released 2014:

Black Girl In Suburbia is a feature documentary that looks into the experiences of black girls growing up in predominately white communities. This is a different look into suburbia from the perspective of women of color. This film explores through professional and personal interviews the conflict and issues black girls have relating to both white and black communities. There are many girls out there who have stories to tell about struggle and triumph, but have never had an outlet to share. That’s why this film is so important!

Black Girl In Suburbia intends to spark an open dialogue about race, identity, and perspective among all people. In hopes that these discussions will allow us to look at perceptions of ourselves, others and the community we live in as a whole.


Melissa Lowery is an upcoming filmmaker from Portland Oregon. She graduated from Pacific University in the fall of 2009 with a BA in Media. After graduation, Melissa worked on several short independent film projects, commercials and a webseries, around the Portland area. She is also a wife and mother of 2 girls. Black Girl In Suburbia is her first feature documentary. Melissa lived in Southern California for 11 years, her family moved back 6 years ago, and she still misses Cali’s weather! She has always wanted to work in media, film specifically, and has had a great passion for it!

According to Melissa she states: “there are no words to describe how excited and happy I am to have the opportunity to make this film and to see it come to life. This process has been amazing…a little nerve racking, but amazing!! I am drawn to documentaries because of the freedom they allow me to have in telling truthful stories and experiences like the ones in BGS. My life is full, crazy and beautiful with surprises that pop up every now and then! But such is life, and life is good!”

'Loners': A Campy Social Satire with Important Political and Cultural Commentary

For more information contact Melissa Lowery at Here is a trailer for the documentary below: