It never hurts to have a good web-series to watch while traveling the world. And I was fortunate enough to have an up and coming web-series be brought to my attention, DRTY DIANA!

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So…What does one do after quitting their job? Go into hiding and isolate themselves from the world, and attempt to try on the roleplay outfit. That’s what we can find in this Atlanta-produced dark comedy web-series, the brainchild of creator Yonas Michael (#PrettyPeopleProblems, Issa Rae’s Michelle Obama Diaries) and produced for Generalization Y Entertainment. DRTY DIANA, centers around a 26-year old Black woman ad sales agent Nyaomi (Cassi Maddox) and how she navigates being newly unemployed and the various relationships in her life. Viewers get an up close and personal look to the “anti-social and angry” quirks and day-to-day emotions of a young Black woman just trying to make it. So far in this series, viewers get to explore unique dynamics of the “cougar” trope in mixed race relationship between Nyaomi and her “homie-lover-friend” college boyfriend Austin.  It’s not easy living a double life and having a funky attitude to boot. The series also illustrates the “millennial mother-daughter” relationship between Nyaomi and her fame-seeking mother. The dynamics between the two of them might be a foreshadowing of many young girl’s lives in 2015. Two episodes in and the series hits the ground running at full speed!

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DRTY DIANA adds another layer of complexity to the Black women in today’s society. The series further lets viewers know that not all Black women are the same, and that it is not necessarily a bad thing. When one thinks about it, there is a little bit of Nyaomi in all of us. Whether it is her cynical attitude toward life, her nonchalant energy towards her relationship, or her weird carefree demeanor about not having a job. Sometimes in life you just have to re-evaluate at your own pace. In just these first two episodes we find that when one “Isolate(s)” themselves from the world, the end result can lead to potentially having to “Roleplay”.

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Stepping outside the human physical aspects of the series, DRTY DIANA is to be commended for its use of social media, particularly the wide reach and popularity of Instagram, and gesturing to current and throwback sitcoms like Scandal and Living Single on how one gets life advice via a scripted television show. And of course the series has an extra solid edge with a mature and mellow soundtrack to really set the mood. With numerous representations of (Black) womanhood, ideal body image, the accessibility of sex, and the rise of the digital age DRTY DIANA does an efficient job of packing all those goodies in an 8-12 minute episode.

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All in all, DRTY DIANA is a web-series that need not be missed. So go ahead and put it on your calendar, every Sunday… and oh by the way make sure to tell a friend too!

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