Nintendo has teased us for far too long. Rumblings of their latest console have been whispered for well over a year. The “Nintendo NX” has been speculated on. Is it a new home console? Is it a new portable console? Nintendo answered with ‘well, why not both?’



Introducing the Nintendo Switch. It can be described as a home console/portable hybrid that allows you to switch seamlessly between your home television and a tablet that rests in a matte black dock. The tablet is running the Nvidia’s custom Tegra processor and the commercial released by Nintendo this past week shows the tablet on an airplane, at a park, and other places to showcase its portability.

Also, gamers will be able to switch how they play the console. The controllers – dubbed Joy-cons by Nintendo – are detachable which allows them to be used on either side of the tablet, separately, or slid into a standard controller. Also, what appears to be a traditional pro controller can be used to play the console.

Although we get a decent amount in the trailer of what the console actually does (as far as switching), there has yet to be any solid details released about the specs of the console which can make or break it. Nintendo is coming off a disappointing Wii U run in this console cycle. The Wii U game pad was a peripheral that most third party developers did not want to touch. The console was marketed heavily towards children while adult gamers felt it lacked the functions that other consoles delieveed upon. It already seems that Nintendo is attempting to rectify that.

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So, is this the future of gaming?

With the PlayStation VR recently released, Microsoft’s Project Scorpio on the horizon, and PC specs making gaming a figurative beast on computers, is Nintendo’s gimmicks competing? It is obviously up to personal preference, but adult gamers are on the move whether it’s to work or the countless gaming events throughout the year. Gaming is more social than ever so being able to take gaming on the go could very well be a sign of what is good for the future. We’re not talking about games made for the portable gaming market. We’re not talking about watered down versions of console titles. This is an attempt at being able to play our console titles wherever we please.

Whether or not people think of the Nintendo Switch as “the future”, it is a step in the right direction. The console will launch in March 2017.

First Look at Nintendo Switch


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