Award-winning filmmaker Gemal Woods and Park Triangle Productions have launched an exciting new web series entitled “No Strings, Please”. The dark comedy-drama follows the misadventures of Charley Parker, a 24-year old Brooklynite who has relocated to Washington, DC for her first real job. “No Strings, Please” has successfully matched society’s everyday wittiness and comedic splendor to a web series showcasing the survival familiarities of the young and naïve. The first episode of “No String’s, Please” will premiere on July 15th , 2013. The10-Episode web series will take you on a roller coaster ride with 8-12 minute episodes of surprising and sometimes absurd behavior. Charley, a skilled crocheter and martial artist, ventures into new territory with a curious appetite for online dating and criminal behavior.

Confronted with resolving grief of her deceased mother and a father who’s moved on with his life, Charley is hoping to emerge transformed and ultimately untangled. Capping off the cast of eight of New York and Washington’s most cunning actors, “No Strings Please” introduces Naima Ramos-Chapman as the lead character, Charley Parker. “I cast some local DC actors and some New York actors to fill the supporting characters” says Dawn L. Hall, “No Strings, Please” Producer and Casting Director. “Gemal and I were certain that we wanted the cast to be diverse and Naima Ramos-Chapman was the “grey” female he wanted to bring to life.” Also starring in “No Strings, Please” is JabenEarly, AnnTurino, Pei Pei Lin, Dennis Blackmen, Baye Harrell, RasikOhal, and a special guest appearance by ClaytonLeBouef. Garnering a number of awards from film festivals, creator Gemal Woods weaves an unconventional yarn by allowing “No Strings, Please” to venture into several artistic directions.

“Budget was a huge challenge; we were on a shoestring but determined to complete the project to the vision. “No Strings, Please” is special because of the cinematic quality and quixotic situational humor that differs from the simple slapstick qualities that most comedy-drama series display.” –Gemal Woods, “No Strings, Please” creator. Taking advantage of the growing world of online media, “No Strings, Please” will be made available on online:

Visit the “No Strings, Please” website for detailed information on the entire web series, upcoming episodes, and contact information. The website is also the place for all general inquiries surrounding our vision, audience, and the story behind our production company, Park Triangle Productions.