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The OG Three-Eyed Raven is Back: ‘Raven’s Home’ on Disney Channel

The OG Three-Eyed Raven is Back: ‘Raven’s Home’ on Disney Channel

Indulge me as I put some respeck on the name of the OG Three Eyed Raven. Raven’s Home is the dose of pure we’ve been waiting for!

Thanks for this, Internet.

Raven’s Home, the sequel to the dearly beloved Disney Channel show That’s So Raven, premiered on Friday, July 21 of this year. For an audience of young viewers who never got to experience the teenage psychic’s prime-time glory the introduction did not disappoint. The series which follows Raven’s unconventional family of 5 has 7 episodes under its belt for which it’s already earned an 8.1 rating on iMDB. Given the sacred return of the Three Eyed Raven we first loved, it’s no wonder that so few of us that knew her best have tuned in.

Here are just a few reasons why you should too:

Raven’s Home depicts a family we deserve to see. 

Raven and her two children live with long-time best friend Chelsea and her son in a single-family apartment that manages to feel cozy instead of cramped (unless the plot demands it). Despite two psychics now in the house (Raven and her son, Booker), visions continue to push the plot to whatever ends the characters least suspect. The real strength of the show, however lies with this family that is navigating real life circumstances of divorce, split families, money troubles and job security, but the validity of their unique ‘arrangement’ which is not bound by blood or legal contract is never in question. That’s exactly the kind of pure I need in my life.

The gags are intact. 

Now I don’t know what they STOPPED putting in the growing generation’s kool-aid, but with regularly scheduled ‘children’s programming,’ laughs can be few and far in between. Comparably Raven’s Home is original and unapologetic in its funniness. Viewers of the original will recognize that the iconic friendship Raven and Chelsea share is still as strong as their hijinks are hilarious. Raven’s Home is worth watching if only to see these two navigate the booby-trapped world of adulthood on their grandest stage yet. 

The ghetto side character doesn’t look like me. 

If you, like me, are a consumer living on the corners of Wokeland and Brokeland you understand how difficult it is ‘give a show a chance’ when tired tropes abound at it’s very core. Harmful stereotypes can and should easily stop a show from getting the views it would otherwise deserve and in the sea of media that is 2017 there are no defensible arguments that should convince you otherwise (see this article about tropes in GoT). Tess, a young character on Raven’s Home who lives next door to the family of five is a girl who showers infrequently, speaks with an affected accent and seems to live in less than ideal conditions. She’s also white, and while it doesn’t take the sting out of her stereotypical attributes, it’s a point duly noted. There are people in the world who look and sound just like Tess and I can accept Disney wanting to give a voice to such a character until I’m given reason not to. I also note that while Raven’s family of five could easily live on my block, no character on the show fits squarely into any box and never, ever the ones who look like me.

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Devon is still in the picture *swoon* 

Say what you want about the hit boy-band Boys in Motion, but Devon had my heart. Raven and her on-screen love interest turned ex-husband have a healthy divorced relationship and it shows whether or not the kids are in the room. If anything, it’s Chelsea’s white-collar criminal ex-husband I have concerns about, the first of which is ‘who is he?’ Literally, what even is his name?

Despite stated qualms, the fact of the matter is that this show never does feel empty or tired. These characters are full and love each other in a way that feels honest and real. They aren’t the Mowrys, the Prouds or the even the older Baxters, but they still feel like our own.

Raven’s Home airs Fridays at 8 PM EST on Disney Channel.

Jonnell Burke is a student of Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania, as well as an Eraserhead enthusiast, Orson Welles imposter, spandex suit inspector, and RPG queen. When not polishing her Marvel encyclopedia you may catch her backpacking through Nanda Parbat. If you tolerate Wolverine slander you may catch these hands instead. Jonnell aspires to be abrasive, uncomfortable and soon available at a channel near you.

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