On this week’s The Originals, we’ve got a couple of “old friends” in the latest chapter of this vampire saga. And by friend, I mean someone that wants to kill the Originals—particularly Klaus.

In the Beginning

Now that the sire link has been undone, Klaus is embracing his Kylo Ren tendencies (I know I couldn’t have been the only one to see how alike these two are). Even though he’s still practically immortal, he doesn’t have a legion of vampires ensuring his protection anymore, and that’s making him paranoid. As Elijah says, “it’s a default setting”. Elijah believes that they’ve destroyed every last bit of white oak left (because that’s what they ALWAYS believe), and when he sarcastically suggests that Klaus go see a therapist, we all know where he’s headed next—to see Cami. Of course Cami is wrapped up in her anger with Klaus for not killing Aurora, and now she’s paranoid about her still being alive.

Kol wakes up (shirtless) in the church attic after being asleep for 3 days. Apparently coming back from a pile of ash takes a lot out of you. Davina thought that maybe he’d come back as a witch since he was a witch when he died, but since she brought him back using the ashes of his vampire body Kol is back as an Original.

Pause: THANK YOU! Kol hasn’t been in his true form since he died on The Vampire Diaries. He’s been a ghost form The Other Side, a witch, a flashback Kol, and a dead witch. So to see him truly back with all of his vampire faculties is truly satisfying. At least for me it is.

Play: But that gives Davina cause for concern. She’s heard the rumors. Vampire Kol was a psychotic killer, so who knows what will happen? Kol asks Davina to “put a ring on it” (meaning make him a daylight ring so he can see the sun) because he wants to be reunited with his family. Davina tells him that his older brother Klaus most likely wants her dead.

A few of the Strix’s best men are missing, and they ain’t happy. So they reach out to Marcel—he is Grand Poobah after all—so he’s got to do something about it.

An Old Friend Calls

Back in Klaus’ heyday, he wrote letters to the family of his victims (how very gallant of him). Now a familiar face by the name of Gespar Cortez is in New Orleans who just so happens to be the only son of a vile family of warlords he dealt with (that’s Klaus-speak for slaughtered) in the 17th century. I’m assuming he was the recipient of one of Klaus letters? Anyway, Klaus murdered his ENTIRE family and mistress, and it looks like he’s here for some revenge. Not only that, judging by his malicious tactics, he reminded a lot of ol’ skool Klaus.

A Family Reunion *O’Jay’s voice*

Davina comes to the compound, and when Klaus threatens her, boyfriend Kol pops up and tosses his brother to the other side of the room. This would normally piss Klaus off, but seeing his younger brother in his Original form catches him off guard. And instead of fighting him, he gives him a warm embrace.

Yes! C’mon growth! While Rebekah was noticeably absent, I got a small dose of the reunion I’ve been wanting. We got to see 4 out of the 6 Mikaelsons (those are good numbers), and Kol got to officially meet big sis Freya. It warmed my Koloving heart. Davina gets kicked out of the compound, and Kol is brought up to speed on the dangers his family faces, helping them to clean up his brother’s mess. Welcome back!


Pause: I’ve already noted before that I’m a sucker for bromances, and I have to say I love the interplay between Elijah, Klaus, and Kol here. I also love how Kol (and Rebekah for that matter) refer to Klaus as “Nik”.

Play: Kol shows Freya a spell to show Klaus where his enemies are on a world map. Lo and behold they are literally all over the world with only one being in NOLA.

Cortez is about that Life

In case we didn’t know. He summons Vincent to Rousseau’s where he has the entire bar compelled. He wants Vincent to ask the ancestors where the remaining white oak is so he can have his revenge on Niklaus. Vincent discovers that there is white oak left, but Aurora hid it and the ancestors don’t know where. Cami shows up and texts Klaus that there’s a problem at the bar.  

Then Klaus arrives, and I’m hoping that it’s about to go down. He stabs Cortez in the chest, but right before he *fingers crossed* kills him, Cortez tells him that thanks to technology, all of his enemies had their own little group text and Cortez confirmed to them (via text) that the rumors of white oak in New Orleans are true. Meanwhile, Freya and Kol look on as all of the blood spots showing where Klaus’ enemies are located start moving on the map towards New Orleans.

Ah, snap.

After Cortez tells Klaus that the whole crew is making their way to see him put down, Klaus decapitates him with one punch.



Back at the compound, Elijah reminds Klaus that the only people willing to fight to keep him alive are his siblings and suggests that Klaus makes himself scarce. Let’s not forget that when Klaus was first introduced in The Vampire Diaries, he was known for being an elusive vampire, always stealthily on the move, which helped maintained his “mythical” status.

Vampire Mincemeat

Marcel tells Elijah about the missing Strix and asks Josh to appeal to Davina for help since she’s still mad at him for turning against her. Davina finds the Strix, but they’re dead in a dumpster around the corner from where Jackson was killed, leaving Marcel and Elijah pretty positive about who killed him.

Knowing the Strix is going to want the head of the person responsible for this, Elijah finds Hayley and begs her to stop, but Hayley is like, “nah”. She has a list of the vampires responsible for kidnapping her and Jackson, and she doesn’t plan on stopping until they’re all dead.

Elijah kills the other vampires on Hayley’s list, and Marcel blames Cortez for the murders, using his head as a way to prove that he’s resolved the issue.

You Give Love a Bad Name *Bon Jovi Voice*

Kol and Freya have a bonding moment as he shows her a spell he created that will help Klaus disappear. If any witch does a locator spell for Klaus, it will show that he’s in New Orleans when in fact he’ll be somewhere else. She reminds him that Davina did right by him by bringing him back, and he leaves to go make his date with her.


Hayley actually tells Elijah that she loves him, but out of respect for Jackson she has to let him go. Klaus meets with Cami and tells her that Aurora’s plan, when she turned her into a vamp, didn’t work because he still cares about her. However, Cami goes for the jugular and tells Klaus that the part of her that loved him—the human part—is gone and now she feels nothing for him. Later on, Vincent—ever the voice of reason—calls her out on lying to him, and she admits she pushed Klaus away because she needs to deal with her Aurora issues (whatevs). Vincent then gets a sign from his ancestors about the location of the last white oak bullet

Freya finishes Kol’s spell, and Klaus takes off with Hayley and baby Hope in tow.

While his brothers are getting their hearts broken, Kol is getting it on with Davina. Initially, he was trying to just drink blood from blood bags (you know, because he’s trying to be a better vampire for Davina), but when he gets out of bed he finds that his blood bag is empty. Next thing we know Kol is in the street, ripping into the neck of an innocent girl and draining her dry. He immediately feels guilty about it, and right when he’s finished, he turns his bloody face around only to see his oldest brother Finn!


Elijah Moment of the Week

That older-brother-shame-on-you face he made to Kol when Kol suggested Klaus should’ve left fewer survivors during his killing spree. Kol also gets his very own moment of the week with his reaction.



This lovely exchange.

Freya (to Klaus): It’s only been a few days since the link was broken. Must you jump into crippling paranoia already?

Elijah: It’s a default setting.

Klaus: And with good reason!

In the End

I will be more than highly disturbed if Kol dies—again. I’m also ready to see he and Marcel confront one another again.

I’m thinking that Klaus’ leaving may have something to do with the 3-year time gap going on in the TVD universe and that comment the waitress made about Klaus not being seen or heard from in 3 years.

It seems every time a write a question in here it gets answered within the next episode or two. This time, around all I have is one question, which won’t get answered until April 1st. UGH.

How in the hell did Finn get here?

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