When rumors begin to spread about the remaining white oak bullet, dangerous foes descend upon New Orleans in an attempt to take down Klaus once and for all.

It’s been a while, but the Mikaelsons have returned to give us our vampire fix. When we last left this highly dysfunctional family, Klaus went into hiding with Hayley and Hope, Kol struggled to keep his blood thirst in check, and Finn decided he wanted to pop up and join the fray. I have mixed feelings about this episode, but I’m just going to see where this story takes us before I start getting too annoyed.

Elijah Moment of the Week

We’re switching it up this time. Bae’s moment of the week is the first part of the review because it was the first scene in the episode. You can’t tell me that Elijah playing jazz on the piano with a New Orleans jazz band wasn’t HAWT. Try, and you shall fail.


Rapid Fire Recap

Anyway, a new blonde vampire comes into town and threatens Vincent (on no she didn’t) regarding this white oak bullet. It turns out she’s just a messenger (hired gun), though. She’s working for someone more powerful and this more powerful person wants the bullet.

Of course.

Blondie vamp a-little-too-easily snatches the bullet for Vincent and Josh (with all of his “dark web” skills) discovers that the white oak bullet will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Once Marcel, Josh, and Vincent track her down, she still won’t reveal who her employer is, but they manage to get the bullet from her.

Klaus the Diva

Klaus and his mini family are somewhere out in the backwoods trying to lay low and Klaus wonders (as do I) why they aren’t in some far away country. Hayley suggests Klaus try and blend in and get rid of his $1,000 jacket and gives him a trucker hat to mix in the crowd. I must say Klaus was definitely rocking that hat. And he’s such a diva. When word gets out that werewolves have gone missing and a werewolf Hayley used to babysit has killed someone—thus breaking her werewolf curse—Hayley insists on sticking around to help the girl while Klaus wants to move on.


Eventually, Klaus realizes that Hayley is right. He realizes that not everything has to be his decision all of the time and that maybe he should start making decisions with other people. This is an obvious change of pace for Klaus. When the spinoff show first started, those of us who watched The Vampire Diaries knew all about Klaus and his maniacal, villainous ways. He was that charming yet diabolical vampire that elicited fear whenever someone spoke his name. He was a Voldemort of sorts. Just more handsome and swoon worthy. The thing with creating a show around a character like that is that at some point, you’ve got to show growth or change. When you go from being a villain/antagonist to being the central character as an anti-hero, there has got to be a story arc. In that regards, I believe that The Originals has done a fine job in showing Klaus’ ability to change—however slowwwww it may be. This show was originally (no pun intended) centered on “Klaus’ redemption”, which is something Big Brother Elijah has always held on to. While I don’t think we’ve come quite that far, I do see and appreciate the effort.

I admit I long for the days when Klaus was killing people for his own selfish reasons and enjoying every bloody bit of it ::shrugs::, but this show is in the third season, and I know that its purpose is for Klaus to get passed that. OK. I’m on board. But if we could just sprinkle in a little bit of killing that would be nice. Maybe not senseless killing, but just a little reminder every now and then that Klaus is an Original and a Hybrid and is in the Don’t Eff With Me Zone.

Now about this family bonding…

Finn is back for real and shows up at the Mikaelson family compound. As much as I live for a Mikaelson family reunion of any sort, I couldn’t help but think it was a little underwhelming. I just wish that Rebekah and Klaus were there too. Please tell me at some point in this season we will have a scene with ALL 6 Mikaelson siblings.


Kol is beyond pissed and understandably so since Finn pretty much murdered him last season. Freya doesn’t know Finn quite like Elijah and Kol do, so she believes that his reappearance is a chance to mend fences. Finn tells Elijah that he wants to return to a witch’s body. He still hates being a vampire and “would rather die than be a part of this wretched family”. So Kol is absolutely not having it and tells Davina about his lack of acceptance for Finn’s cop out. Davina, in an attempt to avenge her boyfriend, places a spell on Finn and traps him in his vampire body, pretty much nixing his plans to become a witch again.

I can’t say I feel sorry for him.

Finn and Kol duke it out, but Elijah steps in to break up the fight, pissing Kol off and causing him to leave the compound. Elijah has the white oak bullet (thanks to Marcel) and throws it into the fire, but Finn grabs it before it burns, saying he “can’t bear an eternity with no escape” and “doesn’t want to remain a beast”. Elijah empathizes with his older brother and for reasons beyond my comprehension he (under Lucien’s suggestion) gives the bullet to Freya so that she can hide it and keep it under her protection.

Listen. I get it. This last bit of white oak is really the only chance the Mikaelsons have of freeing themselves from their immortality should they ever tire of it. However, they’ve spent every waking moment dedicated to destroying white oak to ensure their immortality and with one small plea from Finn all of that has changed? Maybe Finn wants to use it on himself? But surely they must know that as long as the white oak is around they will never truly be safe. They didn’t have a problem destroying every last bit of it a month ago. So what’s changed?

You see what Finn does? He just comes back and throws everybody all off. I’m sure if Klaus had been there, things would’ve gone a whole lot differently. Let’s just see where this goes.


“Being kind doesn’t make you weak, Klaus” ~Hayley

In the End

The ancestors do a number on Vincent and choose a side for him. He snaps Josh’s neck and lets the blonde vampire go, telling her that the ancestors want him to help her—and her employer.

Klaus discovers that the werewolves aren’t just disappearing. They’re being hunted.

Freya gets kidnapped before she can hide the bullet, and it’s revealed that the person behind this whole white oak bullet scheme is muthaf*ckin’ Lucien.

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