This one is a double whammy (literally and figuratively). The last couple of episodes that closed out this season of The Originals (“Give ‘Em Hell Kid” & “The Bloody Crown”) have been some of the best that I’ve seen from them. On the emotional side of things, I was completely spent. I mean, just look at the episode titles… that alone was enough to let me know this was about to be nothing less than a Shakespearean tragedy.


Episode 21 starts off with Davina and Cami’s funerals happening at the same time. While Cami’s funeral is lively and in typical New Orleans fashion, Davina’s memorial is only attended by Marcel, Vincent, Josh, and Kol—each with their own axe to grind against the Mikaelsons (never mind the fact that one of them is a Mikealson). Marcel all but declares war against them.

Family dynamics is obviously the crux of this show, so I was most interested to see how the family was affected by these deaths. Kol’s siblings were responsible for the death of his girlfriend, so how would we cope with that? Well, pretty early on we see Kol lashing out at Freya, essentially telling her he’s done with them. Methinks this is only temporary though. When push comes to shove, Kol would never side against his family.

However, more interesting for me is how this will affect Klaus (the “father”) and Marcel (the “son”). Klaus knows Davina’s death most likely means Marcel is passed the point of no return, and he wants nothing more than to repair/restore/rekindle the relationship that is pretty much lost at this point. Even though Klaus is not directly responsible for what happened to Davina (remember he was the one who wanted to keep her alive), it’s Klaus’ family and their eternal “Always & Forever” motto that causes all of his pain and suffering. Listen. If your family is on the verge of destruction, I get doing what you need to by any means necessary, but from Marcel’s point of view that always leaves him high and dry. Klaus insists that “always & forever” applies to Marcel. Klaus loves him. He’ll do anything for him. But Marcel reminds Klaus that after all he’s done for the family, he’s only ever asked for one thing—to keep Davina safe. Marcel has held up his end of the bargain. The Mikaelsons have not.


Even though Lucien is dead, Freya still senses the threat looming over the family. Besides, all of the power she used to kill Lucien is now gone. In her vision, which she shows Elijah, Marcel is shown to be the new person to worry about. We as an audience know that Vincent gave Marcel the blood-serum-thingy to make him into Dracula 4.0 (yet we still don’t know if he drank some or not), but Freya and Elijah know nothing about that. Freya soon discovers that the potion is gone from Aurora’s body, so that can only mean one thing: Freya’s vision is true and Marcel needs to be stopped.


Meanwhile, Klaus and Marcel have a heart to heart on a bridge, and I’m reminded of why I love this show so much. I’ve said many times before that I’m a sucker for a good bromance (it’s one of the main reasons Captain America: Civil War gave me so much life), and that’s exactly what this show gives me week to week. There are very few shows out there that show men’s deep love and vulnerability for one another, and for The Originals, it’s the love of brother to brother or father to son. In this scene, Klaus explains how he created Marcel in his own image and even though Marcel doesn’t want to admit, he’s a lot like Klaus. Klaus admits his past mistakes as well as his initial jealousy of Marcel’s success, but there’s just one problem: Elijah knows Marcel is a threat and is intent on stopping him.

So here we have a difficult situation with Klaus stuck in the middle—Elijah the Brother is dead set (no pun intended) on stopping Marcel the Son. While Klaus continues to insist that Marcel is family, Elijah’s animosity towards him proves Marcel’s point: at the end of the day, Marcel is not a Mikaelson, no matter how much Klaus claims he is. Elijah forces Marcel to reveal he has the potion, and then things start to get ugly as Marcel shows his receipts. #TeamTooMuchTestosterone

Yes, Marcel is family, but only if Klaus is at the top of the food chain. It’s always been Klaus’ way or no way at all, and Marcel has had enough. A thousand years of merciless Mikaelson maiming and torture is coming back to haunt them, but guess what? Elijah isn’t having any of it. Once Marcel confirms he has Lucien’s serum, Elijah rips out his heart before it can go any further, and Marcel falls over the bridge.


Elijah may be a thousand-year-old formidable vampire, but he’s not a cold-blooded killer (operative word: cold-blooded). He loved Marcel, and even though he didn’t love Marcel quite as much as Klaus did, the fact that he killed Marcel still hurt him deeply. In our Elijah Moment of the Week, he breaks down in tears in front of Hayley about how sorry he is for what he felt he had to do, and… they sleep together.


Oh yeah, Kol, Vincent, and Davina (in spirit form) take down the Ancestors and cut them off from the New Orleans witches. So there’s that.

Klaus mourns Marcel, and it seems like he will forgive Elijah for what he’s done, but in the last scene Vincent reveals that Marcel DID drink that serum, and even though he has no heart he is very much “alive”.

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Which brings us to Episode 22 and all of its craziness. I swear the body count on this show is ridiculous. We begin with this exchange between the Brothers Mikaelson:

Elijah: I’m not foolish enough to ask for your forgiveness, but I’ll say it again. I had no choice. We protect this family at any cost.

Klaus: You think I’m not aware of how heavy that burden is?

Elijah: No. I think that this time that burden is simply too much to bear.

Well there you have it.

Even though Freya believes Marcel has been put down, she realizes something isn’t right. She performs a spell and sees that Klaus’ enemies all over the world (dayum) are descending upon New Orleans.

Vincent created a monster by giving Marcel that serum and is kind of having second thoughts. All these vampires making their way to New Orleans is no bueno, and if there’s a war coming—which Marcel has promised—then innocent people are liable to get caught in the crossfire.

Marcel and his woadies stroll up to the compound ready to kill and be killed fighting the Miakelsons, and he quickly shows us how strong he is by wounding both Elijah and Kol—essentially securing their future deaths (oh no!). Right when Klaus is about to go apeshit, we get a surprise pop up from Rebekah! Beks tells Klaus to take their brothers and get the hell outta dodge, while she tries to reason with Marcel. We’ll see how that goes… The wounded Mikaelsons, including a poisoned Freya, gather at Lucien’s old apartment and things aren’t looking too bright for them. As much as Klaus claims that he won’t let his family die, there is no cure for Marcel’s bite, Freya’s magic to defeat him is gone, and there’s nothing he can do about it.


Since the beginning of the series, the dynamic between Klaus and Elijah has always been one of the most critical—and one of my most favorite—parts of the show. When it seems that Elijah won’t last the night, Klaus tells him he can’t do this without him, and the two share a tearful embrace. Elijah tells his little brother that the family needs him to be strong, and he gives us our Elijah Moment of the Week.

Rebekah convinces Marcel to hold a trial for Klaus instead of just killing him, and the Mikaelson family decides that he should go. Freya has a little trick up her sleeve, and in order to save the family Rebekah can’t let her curse make her go mad and Klaus needs to come out of the trial alive.


But… um… this “trial” is a madhouse—like Salem Witch meets Lord of the Flies madhouse. Klaus’ sire line from over the centuries has gathered at the compound and torn it to pieces, then all of Klaus’ sins from random points in history get laid bare. Rebekah steps in to stand up for her brother, but the spell on her takes hold and she turns against him (is this real or is she bluffing?). Once Klaus’ guilt is pretty much sealed, the cocky egotistical Klaus I know and love steps forth and gets the last word, reminding everyone there that their immortality is a gift from him and even if they kill him, he’ll still be the winner because he got the easy way out and they didn’t. I’ve mentioned before how hard it is for me to deal with the transition from Klaus the Villain from The Vampire Diaries to Klaus the Protagonist on The Originals. Let’s face it: he’s just so effin’ good at being bad! And I miss it. But soon I realized that Klaus’ speech was him being both good and bad at the same time, and the revelation almost brought me to tears.


Death would be too easy for Klaus, so Marcel sentences him to years of agony courtesy of Papa Tunde’s blade. Freya told him he needed to stay alive, and he did. It turns out her plan was to put the family in a slumber using the same spell their Aunt Dahlia used on her to keep her alive for 1,000 years. Freya needed to tie all of their lives to a life force, which would buy Hayley some time to find a cure for them all. With Klaus alive and in agony stuck behind a brick wall, the Mikaelsons have a chance to survive.

Thus, after everything that Klaus has done in the past, all the pain and suffering he and his family have been through because of him, at the end of the day he saved their lives.

And *ahem* Vincent is pissed at Marcel for the damage he’s done and subtly reminds him that he is no different than his maker. He is after all, his sire’s son.

In the End

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There is nothing else left to say except the end of this season was phenomenal, and I’m so happy that there will be a season 4. Oh, and I love Niklaus Mikaelson.

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