This week on Orphan Black, the Ledas are now scrambling in this episode in figuring out what to do next now that their program is no longer the Neolutionists’ main priority. But MK reaches out to her sisters via Kira to investigate Detective Duko’s involvement in Neolution and to form a new strategy to save all the Sestras once and for all. Sarah reluctantly go along with MK, even though she is still hesitant to trust her again after the Ferdinand ordeal. I was wondering why MK was coming back to her sisters: She’s sick, just like both Cosima and Charlotte. On the science front, Cosima came up with an idea to fuse one of Sarah’s fertile eggs with one of Ira’s sperm–this way, they would have Kendra again biologically, and a possible cure. Also Cosima learned from Felix that Delphine might be alive somewhere. All of this is keeping her hopeful and more optimistic than she normally is.

Sarah, Cosima, and Scott talked to Susan, Rachel, and Ira via webcam about uniting to make a cure and end the beginning of Evie’s gene therapy program. Before the webcam visit, Rachel persuades the only Castor clone we’ve seen this season, Ira, into taking serious action into overthrowing Evie and giving their mother her Neolution throne back. Ira surprisingly agrees with Rachel because it seems he would be more loyal to Susan than to her. He has lived with her longer. At the same time, Ira was raised the same way Rachel was, separate from their clone counterparts.

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Loyalty is the key to the Sestras’ new plan, and Ms. S is the first to carry it out. She, who is still hurting from her mother’s death, feel that Detective Duko should pay for what he has done to Kendra and to the Ledas. First, she followed Duko to an empty lot to shoot him, but she ultimately killed him in the middle of the comic shop. In the midst of trailing Duko, Ms. S sees Alison meeting with him for assistance with Donnie’s incarceration. In the opening scene, Donnie gets acquainted with prison, and quickly discovered a possible way to survive there in midst of a Neolutionist being sent there to kill him. So Alison originally got Felix’s sister Adele to determine his legal options. But Duko gave her a greater opportunity for a steeper price: Donnie’s freedom for Sarah’s whereabouts. Alison told Duko about Sarah. But what he failed to realize is that Alison would never turn on her sister, which allowed Ms. S to handle him like how he handled her mother.

We have two more episodes left in this season, and the stage has been set for the Ledas versus Neolution. They are beginning to truly unite. Cosima goes to Iceland by the end of the episode to work with Susan and Rachel on the cure, while Sarah, Ms. S, and Alison will  handle everything else stateside. Their battle will definitely be digital, but hopefully not too bloody. Whatever the circumstances turn out to be, I’m rooting for them and for Helena, who is coming back in next week’s episode.

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