In arguably the best season finale in Orphan Black history, Rachel is at her most terrifying as she fulfills her true intentions she has had since the beginning of the series — run Neolution. I thought she and Susan were going to patch things up and become a mother-daughter duo running the movement. But no, Rachel is what she calls herself “The Chosen Daughter,” chosen to continue the Neolutionist movement. What begins her impending reign was the demise and exposure of Evie Cho and Brightborn. Evie was killed by her own invention, a decision made by the gloom-filled Neolution executive board after she refused to go in silence. Rachel then, unsurprisingly, took Cosima’s cure as her own, which was finalized with Susan’s help in this episode.

This might have been the first time Sarah, Ms. S, and Kira were honestly joyful in the grand scheme of things; in this huge battle of Neolution, they had finally got a visible win with the creation of this cure. Yet Rachel took away their joy, and established once and for all that she is willing to destroy her sisters to prove that she is nothing like them. In the most pivotal scene of the episode, she suggested to the Neo board to combine the two prominent technologies we all know and love, basically putting maggot bots in clones. Rachel said it herself that the “illusion of freedom” should be taken away from generations and generations of clones to disprove their humanity and show that they are nothing more than “dancing mice”.

This is the first season finale (or maybe the second one) where there was no group scene with all of the clones enjoying each other’s company and bonding in their sisterhood of science. They are all scattered for protection and comfort for one another. Helena, still pregnant, is caring for Alison and Donnie in her DIY woodland home. Krystal, while being the comic relief for the past few episodes while Helena is away, is finally learning about her true clone identity with Sarah and Felix’s assistance. On the top of finally creating the cure, Cosima is at her sickest yet fighting for the science she built (once upon a time with Delphine). Sarah’s just the glue that is trying to hold everyone together, even sacrificing her physically when Rachel harms her this episode.

The season is over and the Sestras are disjointed, yet fighting for every bit of their freedom together. With one more season to go, I wonder if they will make it out alive, especially Cosima, being near at death. Hopefully, Cosima will be properly reunited with Delphine, while not in a hospital tent. I’m still surprised Delphine is still alive, and that Krystal actually gave good intel about it to her sisters. At the most, Cosima and Delphine are again together for now, as along as Rachel keeps her wrath distant.

We might not witness the full extent of Rachel’s power as the new head of Neolution, as she might be kept back from doing so because she is a clone, whether she will ever acknowledge it or not.

I’m thankful that this season presented the history of Neolution through the eyes of mysterious Mr. Westmoreland, and that we will possibly get to meet him in the final season. Susan purposely showed both Rachel and Cosima the history of Neolution, as she clearly viewed both as poised to take over Neolution in leadership and science. It’s unclear whether Susan is still alive since Rachel also harmed her multiple times in this episode, but we have to acknowledge that whatever Rachel does in Season 5, Susan played a heavy hand in it.

“From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths” really signifies the beginning of the end of the series; it is a starting point to focus on the possible demise of the Neolutionists and/or their contributions to additional industries. For Neolution to have such a long history, as Susan highlighted it, they have had more than the clone and bot programs out there, functioning and thriving.

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