This year gave us some of the most groundbreaking movies.  After all, this was the year when Black Panther, a film that not only entertained us but changed a culture, made its debut. We have put together a list of some of the best films of 2018 that you have to watch and a few selections are comments from BGN film critics adding their two-cents on how it impacted them and why.

Our list includes both theatrical releases and streaming original film releases.


1. In Fabric

Making its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival and later sold to A24, is the horror-comedy In Fabric. The tale is about various owners of a cursed dress, who pass it from person to person as it destroys their lives. Peter Strickland wrote and directed the haunting ghost story.

Film critic Sezin Koehler described the film as the following:

In Fabric is the kind of movie that will provoke many different interpretations, all of which will be valid. Beyond the family drama, emerging love story, horror film, and 1980s period piece, Strickland puts an entirely new spin on the idea of fashion victims. Yes, a haunted dress is murdering people. But the subtext in In Fabric’s diverging and converging plotlines suggest as well that capitalism at its heart is violence, consumerism kills, and through these structures we still need reminding that women are not objects.

“I have not been able to stop thinking about Peter Strickland’s film since I screened it during TIFF. The imagery haunts me. And inspired by its message, I have even rid my own home of many haunted dresses and other objects. This movie changed me as a person.” -Sezin Koehler

In Fabric