Are you a fan of Showtime’s Penny Dreadful and looking to catch what you missed? Have you had trouble following along? New to the show and want to know what everyone is raving about? Well look no further because I’ve got a rundown of what went down on the hit gothic series all mapped out for your cranial consumption. Shall we begin?


Here’s what we know so far from Episode 1, “Night Work”:


 1. Mysterious deaths are afoot. The episode opens up with a mother and daughter asleep in their slummy looking bed. When the mother gets up to use the bathroom, ominous sounds surround her and like that, she’s snatched through the bathroom wall. The little girl jumps up startled, and screams when she discovers her mother chopped up in pieces on the ground.




2. Enter Vanessa Ives (Eva Green) in prayer. Vanessa is introduced kneeling in front of a cross on the ground, in serious prayer. When Vanessa looks up, a spider crawls out from behind the crucifix and a similar (or the same one) finds itself on Vanessa’s shoulder.





3. Ethan Chandler (Josh Hartnett) slings guns at the Wild West Show.  Ethan Chandler is an American sharpshooter and “actor” whose specialty is telling tall tales in a horrible wig. After astounding the audience with his ability to shoot absolutely any and everything (as well as having a quickie with an on-looker), the “actor” is approached by Vanessa with a proposition to make quick money with his gun-slinging skills. Ethan is a little reluctant, but after Vanessa gives his a thorough assessment of him from her observations of his clothing (noting he comes from money), body language (his nerves are starting to become shot), and shoots him one of her wicked smiles, he accepts.




4. Sir Malcolm Murray (Timothy Dalton) is in search of a beast. Later that evening, Vanessa and Ethan meet up with explorer Sir Malcolm, who brings them to an off-the-cuff looking place. Sir Malcolm tells Ethan to not be in awe of anything he sees that night, and be on the ready to attack. Vanessa, Ethan, and Sir Malcolm enter a lair of sorts in search of something or someone. They encounter several beast-like men, and when Sir Malcolm asks to see their master, they pay him no mind. Suddenly, the monsters descend upon the crew, but when one goes in for Sir Malcolm, Vanessa steps in front of him, halting the beast. The crew continues to fight and then find themselves in a tunnel, which just so happens to be a vampiric lair. There, Sir. Malcolm they encounter several vampiric beasts, kill one, and takes it back with them for examination.






5. Freaky Victor Frankenstein (Harry Treadaway). Sir Malcolm enlists the help of budding medical researcher, Victor Frankenstein to perform an autopsy on the beast, and while Victor isn’t interested at first, when he learns that the corpse is beyond the usual, he’s intrigued. Upon his slicing and dicing of the corpse, he stumbles on a layer of epidermis covered in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. They take photos of the inscriptions for deciphering, and Victor goes about his merry way. Later, Sir Malcolm meets with Sir Ferdinand Lyle to figure out what the hieroglyphs mean. He is told that they come from the book of the dead, and to bring back some more samples of the glyphs for deciphering. Sir Ferdinand also invites Sir Malcolm and Vanessa to a party that he is having with some very interesting character.



6. Mina Murray (Olivia Llewellyn) visits her dad. Later that evening, while Sir Malcolm is home, an apparition of Mina visits him. She tells her father to help her before her essence blows out all the lights in the house, and she warps into a red-eyed beast, hissing at her father. Mina then disappears, and Sir Malcolm informs Vanessa that he saw his daughter and she tells Sir Malcolm that had it not been for her transgression, this wouldn’t have happened. Vanessa then goes to her room to pray, and the crucifix on the wall is turned upside down, with a swarm of spiders emerging from behind it.





7. Sir Malcolm enlists Victor. The next afternoon (or evening) Sir Malcolm approaches Victor with the opportunity to join their bump-in-the-night crew, and Victor says he’ll consider it. When Victor questions Sir Malcolm as to why he’s interested in him, Sir Malcolm remarks that Victor “wasn’t afraid to pull back the skin.”


The two men go their separate ways, and Victor heads back to his laboratory. There, in a tub, is Victor’s creation — a man he reconstructed from various body parts. As luck would have it, a bolt of lightning hits the metal machine that is connected to the tub of ice the creature is seated in and the monster comes to life! The episode ends with Victor crying at the success of his creature, and his creature in-turn touching Victor’s tears.


Penny Dreadful airs Sunday nights at 10 p.m. ET on Showtime.


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