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PODCAST: Our Nation is Burning

PODCAST: Our Nation is Burning

2020 Protests

The 2020 Protests that have expanded across our nation have shed light on the cracks of systemic racism in our country and what little our public officials have done to change that.

Rallying cries from people all over the world in response to the deaths of so many Black people killed by law enforcement have finally reached it last straw.

In this episode of the Black Girl Nerds podcast, we reflect in the recent events of this past week that have stirred up around the tragic death of George Floyd. The nation is burning now, both literally and metaphorically and everyone is trying to push through the pain of state-sanctioned police violence that continues to take away our Black brothers and sisters. 

Hosted by: Jamie and Ryanne

Edited by: Jamie Broadnax

Music by: Sammus

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