This past week has been rough and many of us looked for ways to decompress and settle our restless minds.

And then the most amazing thing we never knew we needed was gifted to the masses:


And this gift has been such a light in the blerd/nerd community during these trying times:







We all know that self-care is important and that when tragedies occur like the ones from this past week, everyone copes in different ways. Pokémon Go has encouraged people to get out of the house, away from the TV’s and computers that are constantly replaying images that some may not want to witness.

Need a Game Night Suggestion? Try 'Tiny Towns'

The game has been a much needed distraction from social media, that can overload some users with images and comments that can trigger emotions. So while we are #BlackLivesMatter, sometimes when we are feeling everything that the world is feeling, self-care is really the next step to making a difference. In order to go forward with a movement, you have make sure are emotionally and mentally ready to tackle the hard issues.

So, download the game, put on your walking shoes, and go catch an Eevee, Squirtle, Pidgey, or hell even try to find that elusive Slowbro.

Just don’t play and drive like me, because you might have my luck and roll up on a flying Pokemon while driving.



Kayla Sutton is a Project Manager in her Muggle life, and a writer of wonderful blogs in her wizard life. She also contributes as host of the BGN Podcast and helps run the @BGNPodcast twitter account.