Story: Jeremy Whitley

Art: Emily Martin

Colors: Brett Grunig

Letters: Emily Spura

A new issue of Princeless is here, and I for one could not be more excited. I’m so in love with this refreshing story about a girl who, in the face of adversity, decides to be her own hero and save herself.

Book Four continues the story with our shero Adrienne (and her friend, a blacksmith named Bedelia) on their way to save Adrienne’s sister Angoisse. With her pet dragon Sparky transporting the girls, they near the castle that Angoisse is captured in, but Adrienne’s plan to save the day is met with some bumps in the road. Meanwhile, Adrienne’s brother Devin faces his own difficulties as he clashes with their father, King Ashe, about the interests and responsibilities of an heir. The two are able to agree on one thing – finding the kidnapped Queen.

Whitley’s sharp and witty dialogue appeals to both young and older readers. With succinct and entertaining storytelling Princeless keeps you effectively engaged with dimensional and exciting characters. The art and coloring are rich, with beautiful landscapes that heighten the elements of adventure throughout the story.

Princeless is such a refreshing story, in that it turns so many clichés and stereotypes upside down and gives girls and women (especially girls and women of color) the dimensionality in stories that is vital to our representation.

Issue #1 of Princeless: Be Yourself is out now! You can purchase a copy from Comixology here.


img_20130821_002054Pirate Jenny works with youth and their communities, observes, live tweets and enjoys copious amounts of Starbursts.  She wishes she wrote more.  You can usually find her on Twitter: @pirate_jenn