Contrary to popular belief to some members of the Gamergate community (just browse the #GamesSoWhite hashtag for context) diversity in gaming is incredibly vital for all geeks and nerds in this subculture.  We should be able to see and play with characters who look like us and not always defer to white standards simply because it’s the “status quo”.  Below is content submitted by Sugar Gamers, is a community of female gamers who support intersectionality in gaming on the front and back end of content creation.

Content Curated from #ProjectVioacea

Sugar Gamers has been an advocate for underrepresented demographics in the video gaming and geek community since its inception in 2009. Our membership roster is diverse, with each Sugar Gamer possessing a variety of skills and contacts, but all share one thing in common—a passion for geek culture. While hosting events designed to encourage positive participation of women, Sugar Gamers also works to combat sexism, misogyny, and homophobia within this community. Sugar Gamers’ inclusive attitude has made it the largest organization of its kind in the Midwest.




Sugar Gamers is now taking it’s stance on inclusion in geek culture to the next level with #ProjectViolacea, an open-source multimedia experience that allows writers, illustrators, game coders, and cosplayers to take part in this creation shared by all.

The approach to content creation in #ProjectViolacea is unique. Taking cues from software development firms producing open-source programs that allow users to improve upon a company’s initial offerings, Sugar Gamers has created a transmedia platform allowing users to artistically interact with the source code/core concept. This crowdsourcing iteration is part of their nationwide #CreateNotComplain Campaign. Rather than complain about theunderrepresentation of women, minorities, and members of the LGBTQA+ community in geek culture, Sugar Gamers has produced a creative platform that allows users to create their own stories within the larger world, designing characters that they identify with and creating stories that can potentially effect the main #ProjectViolacea story line.



#ProjectViolacea’s first iteration will be a web comic, serving as an instruction booklet in narrative form. Users will learn about the world, the characters that inhabit it, the rules of the world, and receive basic “thought tools.” They can then continue to follow the core story line in the #ProjectViolacea web comic series, or can create their own characters and spin-off material by submitting it through this website.

Users will vote on content in “story competitions” and the material with the highest votes becomes a part of #ProjectViolacea canon, appearing in other iterations of the property—video games, television, animation, etc.

#ProjectViolacea is an ever-mutating idea. It is the hope of Sugar Gamers that gamers, comic nerds, and cosplayers will help the property evolve and change into something that fits everyone’s needs.


The Story So Far . . .

In a dystopian future ruled by the MOX Hierarchy,  a group of hackers-turned-rebels are waging a war against the oppressive regime. MOX maintains it’s grip on society by controlling the dissemination of knowledge and innovation. They target those who could inspire revolution or empower people through education. Information repositories (libraries, schools, laboratories, and universities) are heavily scrutinized and controlled. MOX subjects it’s citizens to harsh brainwashing and experimentation. Soldiers are injected with biochemical cocktails of synthetic nootropic drugs and steroids that vastly enhance the capabilities of humans. Once inoculated, these soldiers transform into unstoppable killing machines obedient to the MOX regime.

But in spite of these dire circumstances, there is hope. There is an secret underground uprising. A group of fugitive scientists and philosophers have developed an implant called Violacea that also enhances human abilities—but in unexpected and volatile ways. With the help of the thinkers of tomorrow, the teachers of today are creating their own army. The war for the future of human civilization is upon us. Which side will you take?

Individuals like you or I can stand before MOX. The rebellion is small, and we here at Sugar Gamers want you to be a part of it.

Create a cause, invent your story of triumph. We encourage you to design your own identity, good, evil, or anywhere in between. In “The Violacea Project,” all are welcome. Now the fate of humanity rests with you.