You know how it is, two companies fall madly in love with each other and decide to make sweet, sweet corporate synergy that produces beautiful, artistic children everyone loves. Sometimes one of the grinning parents jumps the gun and announces to everyone on Facebook [or Amazon] the due date of their next bouncing bundle of joy without clearing it with the other parent.

See, Bioware has been very clear with us, the fans that they will hold off rolling out  Mass Effect: Andromeda promo until N7 Day (November 7th), but I’m not sure they let their life partner, Dark Horse Comics in on that little fact.

Right now you can pre-order your very own The Art of Mass Effect Andromeda hard-cover book on Amazon for $39.99.



There’s nothing odd about this of course, but in addition to promises of “exclusive never before seen concept art” we also get this gem: “Dark Horse will release The Art of Mass Effect: Andromeda simultaneously with the game!”

The release date on the book is March 21st. Ergo, ETA until we abandon the Milky Way to the Reapers is T-minus 5 1/2 months and counting. This reveal is hardly surprising since we already knew it was dropping in the first quarter of 2017.

Lest the Dragon Age fans feel left out, there is some Dragon Age 4 speculation making the rounds this week too. In addition, the art book is not the only collaborations on the horizon between this creative power couple. At New York Comic Con it was revealed that there will be new comics for both franchises as well.

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Also, the new IP is still a thing, but a secret thing we will apparently hear about “soon,” whatever that word means anymore.

Lastly, a classic gem is getting the iOS treatment, Jade Empire! The art, story and acting were incredible. The length seemed a bit short for a console game, but that probably just makes it all the more suitable to fit on a phone or tablet.


Expect BGN to offer full coverage of N7 Day announcements next month, but for now…