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Q & A with actress Stacey Malone, star of the Blasian romantic comedy ‘Affair Movie’

Q & A with actress Stacey Malone, star of the Blasian romantic comedy ‘Affair Movie’


By: Christina Angela Jeter 

If you research the hashtag #representationmatters then you already know that it is associated to the film ‘I’m Having An Affair With My Wife’. The movie features a married couple, Lashonda and Sungmin who have an affair, but the twist is how they accidentally become matched up together while seeking extramarital relationships online without knowing it!  Stacey Malone plays Lashonda, the no-nonsense CEO who’s longing for a relationship with real romance and respect. 

Black Girl Nerds: How did come to find out about the role Lashonda in, “I’m Having an Affair With My Wife”? 

Stacey Malone: Actually I found out from the producer/director Samantha Mauney Aiken. She was looking for actors to help out with a table read for the film so the writer Jen could see how the script sounded. So Samantha asked if  I would read for the role of Lashonda since Samantha was working on my new show “Now What?” 
BGNs: What made you want to audition, how were you notified that you were going to be the face of the film, and what did you do to celebrate? 

SM: Well I guess in a way that was my audition oddly enough! When we were done with the table read I let them know to let me know when they would have auditions for the film. A few months later Sam called me and told me that they had interviewed over 200 women but I stood out above them all. And that they kept comparing everyone to me, which was very flattering & Samantha offered me the role of Lashonda. I ran around my room screaming and jumping up-and-down because this was my first lead in a film that I didn’t write or produce.  And I could not wait to tell my family and friends the good news. 
BGNs: What are some of the similarities you share with your character Lashonda? Did it help you prepare for the role? 

SM: I think a big similarity between me and Lashonda is that we’re both very career driven. I work tirelessly every day on my production company, also I think we are both type A people who like to be in control. I guess it did help me prepare I was able to really embody her at the table read because I did feel the similarities of us both. 
BGNs: What is the #representationmatters that you want the audience to capture from your performance and film plot? 

SM: I think I want to show that love comes in all forms. It’s been 17 years since there was a movie with a black and Asian lead in a romantic comedy. And we are at the times that now mixing is not as uncommon as it used to be and it needs to be shown more on film. We see the a lot now on commercials and I think film needs to follow suit. I hope people just see a real love story about the trails of marriage and how to make things work!  
BGNs: As an entrepreneurial, what are some of your business ventures? 

SM: Right now my biggest venture is my production company 12-21 Entertainment Group! We’re getting ready to launch our second series called ‘Now What?’ coming out June 2017. It’s a comedy/drama web series about the unexpected. And I plan to start producing an all female sketch comedy series as well.  My main focus for this year is to get the production company moving before I start worrying about other ventures but I have some in mind. So stay tuned! My brain is always working. 
What encouragement can you give to women in-regards to dating on and off-line? 

SM: In regards to dating on and off line the main thing is to be careful. People can portray themselves differently online then they truly are in real life. So don’t fall in love with a fantasy that someone made up for you. Offline I would say definitely don’t move too fast. Really get to know the person before even going on a date with them. I think with social media sometimes we move things too fast in meetings to instant. 
BGNs: What are some positive feed back you have been getting from Korean women and men about this film and your performance? 

SM: So far the the feedback has been positive; I think that they’re ready for more representation in film. A lot of people have shared the retweet I did about the film so I think it’s going to have a very positive following and appreciation from both communities [Black and Korean]. 

: What other projects do you have lined up? 

SM: My web series “Now What” from my production company is due to drop in June 2017.  I’m also going to star in another web series from Angel Wallace FlIcks, another amazing black woman filmmaker in Cleveland. My sketch comedy show called “We Slay” starts production late summer 2017, and I’m also going to direct and produce a short film this summer. Who knows what other blessings are going to come my way but I’m open for anything. 
BGNs: How do you want your success to impact the vision of your son’s view on women’s adversity? 

SM: I want my son to see that his mom can do it all. If you put your mind to something and work really hard you can achieve anything you want to. Man or woman.  
Describe your legacy in one word?  

SM: Entertainment!!! (I just want people to say there were entertained by what I produced because that is why I do what I do! Is to entertain folks! 

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