Quarter Water Juices cast (l-r) Monjai (aka Money), Alyssa, B, Da’Ron,    Capulet, Joey, Anthony, A’mor, & Kreiko

Quarter Water Juices (QWJ) is an urban opera that is about life, love, betrayal and the way they inter-connect. QWJ is centered around the love affair and twists of the two main characters; Joey, an awkward introvert, and Capulet, a woman scared of love and to be loved. It is a tale of who’s who, and what’s what, the people we portray…and the masks we wear. It’s life. It’s complicated.

Before even engaging with the episode the first thoughts that come to mind were the actual “quarter water juices” that we used to get from the corner store as kids. These juicy nuggets could quench anyone’s thirst on a hot summer day, and then make you want three more! And that is just was this first episode did for me! Created and Directed by J.L. McClendon, QWJ is up and coming web series that is layered with complications of life.

Some of these complications include processing the death of a family member. It is not always easy to move on after a heavy loss of a parent, especially when it has a direct effect. This can be seen specifically in the encounter between brothers Joey and Anthony. In the brief moments that we see Joey and his brother Anthony, we find that Joey is definitely trying to make sense of his life, while processing the fact that he is distinctively introverted. In addition, sometimes the complications deal with sexual tension, mixed with some teasing and can have a tricky result. This is what I foresee with the relationship between Alyssa and Monjai (aka Money). What is really going on between these two? Then moments later enter roommates Amor and Capulet, unique choice of names I might add, and the floodgates are open wide…literally. Just picture yourself getting ready for work, and your girl has already got the ‘pity party’ started and it’s not even Noon; but then again maybe its 5 o’clock somewhere. I digress, Amor and Capulet’s dynamic is quite intriguing in that both seem to have a mutual story to share, but at the same time have their own separate and captivating narrative…I guess we shall see. And to round out the episode, we are presented with a very unsettling, and borderline violent scene between two men Da’ron and B who appear to have a very peculiar and secretive rapport. What’s really good homie?? Time will tell how that encounter, as well as the others, will play out.

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All in all, this web-series contains a nice mix of dark and mysterious elements that keep you on the edge of your seat along with a diverse cast. Additionally, it seems to have a nice balance of sexiness/romance, good and bad vices, love and loss, and ultimately showing viewers “the masks we wear”. When watching QWJ viewers must take into account that there is a certain level of reflection and attentiveness that is needed in order to take it all in. Life is full of twists and turns, and we definitely see that in this first episode. Now one small, minute issue that I do notice is the pace of the episode. This may be intentional, but at certain moments the story moves at an awkwardly slow stride. Nevertheless, I’m sure as the series develops this will work itself out.

Each mini vignette is jammed pack with complexity that one cannot help but want more. When it is all said and done, viewers are left with having to create their own possible interpretations of what comes next in the series. Our palettes have been awakened, and we are hungry for more. Needless to say “It’s Complicated”, but isn’t life complicated??

So with this being the first episode, I look forward to what is in store with the Quarter Water Juices series.

To learn more about the web-series check them out on: Watch -> Quarter Water Juices and on Twitter: @WatchQWJ

Sometimes life puts you up against the wall…Quarter Water Juices cast.